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Bored as a New Mom? You’re Not Alone! Try These 6 Tips

Feeling overwhelmed, excited, and full of love are pretty expected experiences in new motherhood, but boredom? That can be a surprising feeling when it pops up. Here’s what you can do to combat it.

Carrying and giving birth to a baby is no easy task, but now you have a bundle of joy you will love forever. Your home is ready, and you’ve spent your first days as a family. However, your life is far from how it was before your baby. 

You’ll soon enjoy experiencing your baby’s milestones, but the newborn stage can get boring. It might initially seem hectic with your body and mind adjusting to a new routine and figuring out your baby’s rhythm and needs. As the hormones settle, you might feel trapped in the feeding, diapering, cleaning, and sleeping cycle. 

You’re not alone if you’re bored as a new mom. Here are six tips to try. 

mom out for coffee with her baby in a stroller

Tips for battling motherhood boredom

  • Go out for coffee/lunch
  • Find an online community
  • Join a mom’s group
  • Get out of the house
  • Join a ‘Mommy and Me’ class
  • Invite people over

1. Go out for coffee 

While your friends may be at work or attending to their families, they often have short breaks you can take advantage of. Ask to meet for coffee or lunch to catch up and get a taste of the outside world while still gushing over your new little one. 

A study found that 68% of new moms feel “cut off” from loved ones, and little meet-ups can help you feel less isolated. Feeling alone can contribute to loneliness and baby blues.

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Staying connected with the people you love can help with those symptoms. If you can’t seem to enjoy time with others or still feel alone, consider contacting a perinatal mental health professional who can advise you on making the transition easier. 

2. Find an online community 

When you’re alone at home reading a book or binge-watching a show, you might want to discuss the plot, which is problematic if no one around you is enjoying it. You can often find online communities to discuss your hobbies and guilty pleasures. 

You must tackle many tedious tasks, but entertainment and stimulation are necessary for mental recovery. You can share ideas and have engaging conversations with online friends. Take the proper steps to protect your privacy and enjoy the virtual world. 

mom working from her couch with her baby in a bassinet

3. Join a mom’s group 

Moms need support— no one knows what you’re going through like other mothers. While everyone has a unique experience, there are hormonal changes, newborn challenges, and life obstacles that new mothers share. 

Joining an in-person moms group allows you and your baby to be around others in the same boat. They are places to vent, celebrate, learn, and have fun with other amazing women. If you can’t find a local group, consider a virtual one. 

4. Get out of the house 

There is a misconception that you must spend your leave at home with your baby. You can take your newborn to many places for stimulation and fresh air.

Going on a walk or to the park provides an opportunity for exercise and time in nature, which can improve your physical and mental health. People who don’t live near green spaces have a 44% higher rate of anxiety and are 33% more likely to be depressed than those surrounded by nature.

You can also use your leave to do things you haven’t done. You probably don’t want to take your infant to a concert or movie, but you can visit an aquarium, museum, zoo, or mall.

These experiences with your newborn can help you bond and experiment with what works best for you. If things get overwhelming, you can always go home. 

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5. Join a ‘Mommy and Me’ class

Did you know that you can take classes with your new baby? They provide outings catered to new moms and their little ones. Topics include music, art, yoga, reading, and other fun activities. 

It allows you to try new things or share a love of something with your baby. The classes stimulate you both and can be a way to make new friends who enjoy the same hobbies. 

group of three moms smiling at the camera and holding a baby

6. Invite people over 

A parade of family, friends, and neighbors will want to meet your little one in the first few weeks of your baby’s life. It can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially if people cross the line and overstay their welcome.

However, that tends to die down after a while. It’s nice to have peace, but consider inviting someone over if you are bored. 

People often want to help out, and there is no shame in asking for it. It does take a village to raise a child. Accept offers to assist with housework, cook a meal or hold your baby while you engage in some self-care. You could also invite someone to relax and chat while still in the environment you and your baby are most used to. 

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Fighting boredom as a new mom 

Having a newborn can get boring, but there are ways to entertain yourself while caring for your baby. These steps will help you feel better about your life transition and enjoy your new title.

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