Free C-Section Birth Plan and Preferences Sheet

Cesarean birth is more than birth;
it’s also a major surgery.

With at least 30% of births happening via c-section, having a plan to communicate your preferences with your care team is critical. You might not know it, but for most non-emergent cesareans, you can request several options and modifications with your care team.
These simple requests can help make the procedure feel less clinical and more like birth.
That’s because it is birth, and you do have options. We want to help make you feel as empowered as possible – and it starts here with our free birth preferences sheet.

Our free C-section birth plan can help.

Select preferences like:

  • Preferred Support People
  • Draping and Wires During Birth
  • Cord Clamping
  • Skin-to-Skin
  • Placenta Handling
  • Bathing Baby
  • Feeding Plans