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C-Section Recovery Essentials and What You Need to Know

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Listen in as a Motherlove marketing specialist and postpartum doula, Brooke, chats with us about c-section recovery essentials, tips you need to know, and the one thing that can make your recovery that much smoother. It’s a must-listen.

019 | Brooke Nielsen of Motherlove

There is a lot to know when recovering from a c-section (and birth in general). With so many postpartum products on the market, sometimes it’s tricky to know what’s both quality and effective, all without compromising ingredients.

That’s where Motherlove comes in. A company founded on natural products to help support them in pregnancy, postpartum, and motherhood.

This week, I chat with Motherlove’s marketing specialist, Brooke Nielsen, about how you can best prepare for c-section recovery.

  • What to buy
  • What to ask for
  • How to feel empowered

As a c-section mom herself, Brooke shares insight into her own postpartum recovery, with advice on things she wished she did to prepare and some fantastic products that can help support you in your own journey.

About Motherlove Organics

Kathryn Higgins, Motherlove’s founder, grew up in a Mayo medical family from Rochester, Minnesota, who were avid gardeners in love with flowers and plants.

After moving to the Rocky Mountains, she became passionate about the uses of plants in the meadows and forests surrounding her mountain home in Northern Colorado’s Rist Canyon.

She began incorporating the wild plants into her daily life for food, medicine, and teaching others.

Not able to find herbal products to support her pregnancy and birthing experiences, she began making her own—and sharing them with other women. These creations in the early 1980s became the seeds for Motherlove® products.

Today, our products are sold in hospitals, pharmacies, natural food stores, and specialty retailers in nearly 20 countries.

See Also
postpartum mom kissing her newborn baby

Even though you’ll see the company’s familiar blue bottles on the shelves of the nation’s biggest retailers, their family still makes their products the old fashioned way, with love, from their family to yours.

Topics Covered

1:13 | What is Motherlove?
5:03 | C-section talk
11:36 | 3 Tips for c-section recovery
16:42 | Favorite Motherlove products
22:29 | Process and celebrate
31:36 | Feel empowered
36:15 | A mother is born
41:45 | Final question for Brooke

Additional Resources

Our Motherlove C-Section recovery essentials

C-Section Recovery Cream
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