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A collection of eBooks written by postpartum experts passionate about supporting people in life after birth. From nutrition to recovery to mental health and more, you’ll find everything you need to feel confident and empowered through your postpartum recovery.

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How will I get my books? »

After your successful purchase, you’ll instantly receive a link to download your eBook(s) in your inbox of the email used at checkout. Check your spam folder if you don’t see anything after a few minutes.

Who wrote these eBooks? »

A total of 14 postpartum professionals wrote the eBooks, including doulas, a naturopath, a certified nurse midwife, women’s health nurse practitioners, a pelvic floor therapist, a licensed social worker, licensed counselors, cookbook authors, registered dietitians and nutritionists, IBCLCs, and more.

What if I had a cesarean birth? »

Whether you had a vaginal or cesarean birth, our books can help you through postpartum recovery. The Week-by-Week Recovery Guide has an entire section dedicated to recovering from a cesarean delivery (our founder is a two-time c-section mom!) and the C-Section Recovery Guide contains everything you need to know.

Do these books count as medical advice? »

Nope! While our books are written by postpartum experts (many licensed), these books are for informational purposes only. Always seek your care team’s advice with any questions regarding a medical condition or concern.

Do you sell gift cards? »

We do! You can select your denomination and order your instant digital gift card through our website.

Can I share my eBooks with a friend? »

While we love spreading education about postpartum, please do not share your eBooks with anyone. We worked hard to make these eBooks available for purchase, and you can show your support by sending them a link to the book instead. Plus, it’s highly illegal.

What's your return and refund policy? »

If our eBooks don’t give you the postpartum education and support you envisioned, drop us an email at [email protected] within 30 days of your purchase and let us know. We will refund you in full. Yup, that’s how much we believe in the power of these books.

“We have this idea that when we have a healthy baby in our arms, we will be exempt from experiencing depression or anxiety in postpartum. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case, so knowing the signs is critical.”

Caroline Adams
Licensed Professional Counselor

“Contrary to popular belief, postpartum nutrition is just as essential as prenatal nutrition, as nutrient demands on the body are higher. This eBook will cover just about all that you need to know.”

Jaren Soloff
RD, IBCLC, and Cookbook Author

“The first six weeks postpartum is a delicate and unique time for you and your baby. Not only are you seeing changes in your baby, but you are also experiencing shifts in your body, most of which are caused by hormones.”

Dr. Alissia Zenhausern-Pfieffer
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

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