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How to Get the Support You Deserve in Motherhood

mom changing her baby's diaper without support

Asking for help, setting boundaries, and receiving support can feel paralyzing in postpartum and beyond. Here’s an honest conversation around how to do just that.

014 | Caitlin Morris of Coaching with Caitlin

One of the most important things you can do postpartum is asking for help. Sounds like something every new mother should know, right?

But many of us struggle with finding our voice in, not only in asking for help but knowing what kind of help we actually need.

In this episode, I chat with life and health coach Caitlin Morris about how women living up to society’s standards for what it means to be a mother needs to shift.

From real-life experience, Caitlin touches on all the things surrounding support in postpartum. Setting boundaries, knowing when to say no, and breaking the stigma of mom guilt are just some of the topics we cover in this episode.

Support shouldn’t stop after you bring a baby into this world. I hope this episode helps you find your voice, ask for help and give yourself the grace and support you deserve. Because trust me, you’re not alone.

Meet Caitlin Morris

Hi! I’m Caitlin. I’m a wife, mom, friend, coach, trainer & fitness instructor. Like you, I also know how easy it is to put everyone else before myself.

To be honest: Motherhood has been all of the beautiful things I thought it would be. It has also been unexpected and challenging in ways I didn’t see coming.

Since then, I’ve become a personal trainer behavior change specialist, learned to set boundaries and say no, prioritized workouts, my time, and self-care. I’ve also had a second baby and started two different programs as a life coach & health coach.

I’m still learning as I go, but now I know: you don’t have to do it alone. And it doesn’t have to take you years as it did for me.

The more time I spend working with other clients and even just other moms, other women in the wellness space, I’ve realized a few things: There’s power in sharing our stories, in learning our struggles are our own but that we are not alone. There’s power in vulnerability, asking for help, and choosing to step into our possibility.

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a mom sitting cross-legged on the floor nursing her newborn baby postpartum

Just because it’s a part of our day to take care and support others doesn’t mean we have to come last.

It’s so important to me to help women in this way because I believe if we can create the time for ourselves, we can give so much more to others and the world around us.

Topics Covered

1:31 | Why it’s so hard to ask for help
4:46 | Backstory to taking up space
10:47 | Asking for Help
17:41 | Adult to Adult Boundaries
26:33 | Handling difficult emotions
31:21 | What I wish I knew about postpartum

Additional resources

You can connect with Caitlin on her website for additional help and resources.

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