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Meet Our Founder and Hear Why This Podcast Was Born

mom holding baby feet

Postpartum rocked my world and I felt no one told me the honest truth about what to expect in life after birth. I’m on a mission to change that, starting with this episode.

Episode 001 | Carley Schweet, Founder of Hello Postpartum

Prepare to be unprepared.

Having a baby is a huge, life-changing experience. If you were anything like me, you read all the baby books, researched all the best clothes, best bottles, best toys, the best everything to welcome the new life you are preparing to bring into the world.

Becoming a mother is exciting and nerve-racking all at the same time.

But things don’t always go as planned, right? And no matter how many books I’d read or research I’d done, no one could have prepared me for what would happen after birth. Postpartum is not what you read in the baby books; it is rarely discussed and barely recognized.

But this time in your life is everything.

I created this podcast to shine a light on postpartum. For women to share their stories, advice, and experiences and for moms struggling or who have struggled during postpartum never to feel alone or unsupported.

By sharing my experience and others, I hope to give a voice to those who feel like they don’t have one. To recognize, embrace and support mothers throughout their life after delivery.

Topics covered

0:53 | The Hello Postpartum journey

1:42 | My little breech baby

6:07 | Moments leading up to delivery

8:29 | My postpartum period

See Also
postpartum doula supporting a new mom

10:13 | New mothers in postpartum

11:09 | Postpartum never truly ends

12:31 | What to expect on this show

14:40 | My ask for you, listener


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