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Meet the Woman Behind In Kind Boxes

Maria Berglung In Kind Boxes founder

Maria noticed a huge lack of postpartum care throughout her pregnancy and postpartum, especially for those with less support and resources. So, she started In Kind Boxes. Listen in to hear her story.

040 | Maria Burglund, Founder of In Kind Boxes

Maria’s mission with In Kind Boxes is to show moms that they matter and are not alone. By giving gift boxes filled with natural and organic postpartum essentials, she hopes that it reminds moms that they matter too. It’s about so much more than a gift box.

She truly believes it takes a village, and that everyone deserves to feel loved and supported on their postpartum journey and beyond.

Together we are positively impacting the world by spreading kindness and love. Thank you for being part of our village!

meet the woman behind inking boxes

What is In Kind?

In Kind Boxes is a non-profit organization aiming to reduce the gaps and disparities in postpartum care through its curated, high-quality postpartum and baby care boxes.

How can I order a box?

Boxes are available online at their website You can submit a family to have a box donated to them, or you can purchase one yourself.

All boxes carry the same quality of goods because no family should be excluded from getting quality products to help in the postpartum journey.

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a mom sitting cross-legged on the floor nursing her newborn baby postpartum

“Every new mother deserves the same quality postpartum products, no matter their finances.”

How can I support In Kind boxes?

You can support In Kind Boxes by donating on their website or social media platforms. Every dollar matters, even just the price of a cup of coffee, goes a long way in supporting the women and products that make In Kind Boxes an essential to postpartum care.

Topics Covered

The story behind In Kind Boxes (1:33)
How to access and support (6:39)
What’s in the box? (9:04)
Postpartum care in the US (13:34)
Packed by volunteers (22:21)
Making it happen (25:35)


  • Check out In Kind Boxes’ website and on Instagram to purchase, nominate or donate.
  • If you want to donate to In Kind Boxes, go to the donation form to get started.
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