All About Inductions and a Helpful Downloadable Guide

According to the CDC, in 2010, the induction rate was almost 24%. While many moms face inductions, they don’t always know why or what it entails.

There is a lot to know about inductions and a handful of reasons why your doctor may opt to proceed with inducing your labor.

Before you consent to an induction, consider downloading this guide to learn more about the cascade of interventions, the different types of traditional inductions, and some natural induction methods. You’ll also find some helpful pitocin-induced labor tips to help you better navigate a standard induction in the hospital setting.

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inductions 101

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Rhiannon Langford

Doula and Founder, Birth Boss Maternity Care

As a Full-Spectrum Doula at Birth Boss, Rhiannon offers care to all types of parents – from fertility to birth to postpartum and everything in-between. She is a spiritual soul with a passion for empowerment. After a career in the non-profit sector, she found her calling in birth work while working on a maternal mental health series with the BBC. She tries to live every day with purpose – helping her clients be the boss of their parenting journey gives her LIFE.

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