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Navigating the Physical Recovery of Late-Term Pregnancy Loss

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A labor and delivery nurse shares her perspectives – both personally and professionally – on navigating pregnancy loss, supporting yourself during postpartum, and finding support for this time. This episode is a must-listen for those who have experienced loss or know someone who has.

006 | Ashley Derderian Sousa, RN, IBCLC of The Gansett Gal

Late-term pregnancy loss.

It’s a subject that so many understand and yet, aren’t sure how to navigate. One in four to one in five pregnancies results in loss, and while this statistic seems glaring when you first encounter it, we never think it will happen to us.

But there’s a chance.

And if that chance does happen, how do we get through it? What physical and emotional toll will it take? Will it be impossible to overcome?

Take a breath because nothing is impossible.

Ashley Derderian Sousa, RN, IBCLC, shares her experiences being right alongside mothers during such a difficult, and for some, unexpected time. Ashley truly believes that a loss is a loss, and no one should undermine the impact it has, nor the time it takes to heal from it.

Her insight and personal attachment to this subject expose the anxiety, isolation, and physical toll losing a child can have.

No one should tell you how to mourn, and Ashley is here to remind everyone who has or is currently experiencing a loss that you are not alone.

Meet Ashley Derderian Sousa

Ashley Derderian Sousa, RN, IBCLC, is a registered nurse and a board-certified lactation consultant with 12 years of experience, spending the past 8 of those years providing care as a labor, delivery, and postpartum nurse and lactation consultant.

The first four years of her career were spent in the Medical Intensive Care Unit, which provides Ashley with a wide range of medical experience. Her compassionate and caring personality offers the ability to foster connection with the women, men, and families she works with.

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She has a passion for learning and sharing her knowledge with others and is the proud owner of The Gansett Gal. The Gansett Gal is a business catered towards educating and empowering mamas everywhere by providing fun education, private nurse consultations, postpartum support, lactation services, and more.

Raised and now living in Rhode Island, Ashley is a world traveler and previously lived and worked in New York City. She is also an avid runner, lover of the beach, and foodie! Most importantly, she is the lucky momma to a perfect little lady, Grace.

Topics covered in this episode

3:10 | Physical effects after loss
14:18 | Advice for women experiencing loss
19:19 | Impact of delivery during covid
21:55 | Suggestions around labor/delivery
26:08 | Questions to ask
30:39 | The effect on your partner
40:26 | Personable loss
46:57 | About postpartum

Extra resources

You can learn more, explore resources, and connect with Ashley Derderian Sousa, RN, IBCLC, at

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