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Watch Now: Navigating the Mental Load of Motherhood

mother's intution

Becoming a new mother is overwhelming and comes with a seemingly endless to-do list. Tune in for helpful tips and more.

Pre-motherhood, many women have strong opinions of who and how they will be on the other side. Yet, many women are shocked and overwhelmed when they become mothers and realize that a new belief system and identity have been activated within them.

This phase is exciting but uncharted territory. We want to set new mamas up for success with appraochable mindset shifts that teach new mothers to trust their intuition and show up for themselves because juggling modern motherhood with anything can be the hardest part.
mother's intution

Watch the video now

In this video, Mindset Coach for Mamas, Gervase Kolmos, will give you permission and proof that you can have “motherhood AND,” if you dive in right away. Work to uncover the mindset traps you established pre-baby that can disempower you as soon as the baby is born.

You’ll learn how to reconcile your pre-baby expectations of yourself to the ones you hold yourself to post-baby. Also, realize which ONE thing is most holy for all mothers to feel successful, happy, and whole. You can expect a big dose of truth and permission to lighten your mental load, and your mama juggle as soon as possible.

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