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How to Advocate for Your Rights in the Workplace (While Protecting Your Mental Health)

Listen in as a former attorney and current mental health therapist Lauren Tetenbaum discusses how to stand up for yourself and your rights as a mother in the workplace. It’s empowering, inspiring, and just what working mothers need to hear.

010 | Lauren A. Tetenbaum, LMSW, JD, PMH-C

It seems women are more career-driven than ever before but the lack of support is evident.

The pandemic effected a lot of families. With lay-offs, furloughs, and thousands of workers going remote, the landscape of career-driven women has changed dramatically.

With companies pushing for employees to return to the office, many women are feeling the pressure.

But the pandemic is far from over and flexibility is more important than ever when it comes to taking care of our families.

Lauren A. Tetenbaum, LMSW, JD, PMH-C, former attorney and founder of LAT Counseling, dives into the power of women in the workplace.

In this episode, we talk about the pressures women are feeling from their employees to work like your not a parent. it’s so important to, not only advocate for equality in the workplace, but also to know your rights and be confident that your employers understand that we don’t stop being parents in the workspace.

I hope this episode inspires you to make a change for yourself and for for every working parent out there.

Meet Lauren A. Tetenbaum, LMSW, JD, PMH-C

Lauren A. Tetenbaum, LMSW, JD, PMH-C is an advocate and therapist specializing in life transitions affecting millennial and young women.

A licensed social worker, and former attorney with a decade of experience in the legal industry including as a coach to working parents, she is also the proud mama of two young kids. Intensively trained in perinatal mental health, Lauren currently uses her experience, empathy, and emotional intelligence to empower others through psychoeducational parent support groups and counseling and consulting services. 

She is actively involved in numerous efforts benefitting at-risk families in her native New York and abroad, including as a Postpartum Support International helpline volunteer, 2020 Mom Ambassador, and mentor with The Mom Project. 

Learn more about her mission to support working, new, and aspiring parents at or on Instagram @thecounselaur.

Topics Covered:

2:35 | Setting mothers up to fail in the workplace
6:04 | Navigating tough parenting decisions
12:44 | Parenting out loud
17:20 | Know your rights
19:32 | FMLA
29:17 | Working like you’re not a parent
32:37 | Ask for what you deserve
34:38 | Wish you knew about postpartum

Additional Resources

You can connect with Lauren A. Tetenbaum on her website where you can find additional information and resources.

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