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A Closer Look at Common Pelvic Floor Issues in Postpartum

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…and what to do about them. Listen in as Carley chats with a physiotherapist about common pelvic floor issues in postpartum, how they affect not only our daily lives but our sexual nature, health, and wellbeing.

O18 | Taryn Gaudin

There are a of things about postpartum that many women are never told about. These things could be common, but that doesn’t mean it’s normal.

Pelvic floor is not something that ‘just happens’ with becoming a mother.

Women physiotherapist Taryn Gaudin talks about what pelvic floor is and how it can affect women in their postpartum recovery. Taryn brings the cause and complications of pelvic floor to light, sharing her knowledge in the many ways it can affect a women’s life both in both postpartum and the future.

If you are experiencing difficulties in your postpartum recovery, I hope this episode helps inspire you to take action in your recovery journey.

About Taryn Gaudin

Like so many women, throughout my lifetime I had constantly ignored, criticised, and buried parts of who I am, and now in this new phase of my life, I had a deep desire to reconnect with those parts of me. I believe my body was calling for me to soften – to become more kind and gentle with myself, and to tune into myself on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

I began to rebuild the foundations of my mind-body connection, firstly by agreeing to listen to my body. I began tuning in to my body and asking how it felt and what it needed. To describe my journey is challenging because, like life itself, it was dynamic. There was no linear path. There were surges of growth, followed by long pauses of integration, huge a-ha moments, and lengthy periods of confusion.

I spent a lot of time feeling like I was getting nowhere. The entire time though, I allowed myself to follow the thread of possibility, letting each clue lead to the next, and over time I began to understand my rhythm, my body, my nature, and what I needed to nourish my whole self. I learned the art of slowing down, and practising self-compassion. I began embracing all of myself, particularly the softer, slower, and simpler feminine aspects that I had suppressed for such a long time.

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I began cultivating a lifestyle and working with women in a way that was completely unique to me.

Topics Covered

1:53 | Pelvic floor & sensuality
5:22 | Reconnect with your body
9:38 | Pelvic floor in depth
17:06 | More proactive approach
24:00 | Taryn’s story
30:43 | Final question

Additional Resources

To learn more about pelvic floor and women’s physiotherapy, go to and connect with Taryn.

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