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When It’s Time To Ask for Pelvic Floor Support

woman's abdomen with hands over pelvic floor

Listen in on Dr. DiGrado (Alex) as she explains the difference between a pelvic floor that is too loose or too tight and common pelvic floor issues in postpartum – you might be surprised.

020 | Dr. Alexandra DiGrado of Boston Pelvic Floor Therapy

What is the pelvic floor, and why is it important to postpartum mothers?

This is a question many new mothers should be asking. Unfortunately, there isn’t much information about the importance of pelvic floor health for those who have just given birth.

In this episode, I chat with pelvic floor therapist Alexandra DiGrado about this topic.

The pelvic floor supports our bodies in so many ways and, if not properly supported, can lead to many concerns for postpartum mothers and beyond.

Alex highlights the importance of pelvic floor support, the signs that you may need to support yourself, and how you can advocate for yourself to seek the help you need.

About Alexandra DiGrado:

Owner of Boston Pelvic Physical Therapy. Alexandra is a Doctor of Physical Therapy with advanced training and certification in pelvic floor rehabilitation through Herman and Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute.

She is Pelvic Rehabilitation Practitioner Certified (PRPC) with over ten years of experience as a physical therapist and pelvic health expert.

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woman meditating on a mat

Alexandra founded Boston Pelvic Physical Therapy because she’s passionate about decreasing the stigma around seeking help to heal your private parts and offering people of all genders a safe and holistic way to achieve a healthy pelvic floor and core.

Topics Covered:

1:17 | Pelvic floor therapy
7:26 | Advocate for mom
10:54 | What is the pelvic floor?
14:12 | Signs of tightness
21:01 | Top tip for pelvic floor
31:34 | Final question
33:15 | The importance of rest

Additional resources

You can connect with Alexandra on her website for additional resources. Check out Alexandria’s online pelvic floor class

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