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Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy for Postpartum Moms and a Downloadable Guide

pelvic floor therapy postpartum

Pelvic floor physical therapy is more than just kegels. Did you know that physical therapists are experts in treating muscular issues throughout the body, including those in postpartum moms?

When it comes to postpartum recovery, an often overlooked part of the mother’s recovery is the pelvic floor. The pelvic floor is a “hammock” of muscles that run from your pubic bone to your tail bone. These muscles help control bowel, bladder, and sexual function, and are the focus of kegel exercises.

Many new mothers experience pelvic floor issues for one reason or another. Still, few know that focused physical therapy can help ease these problems’ severity before they get worse. It’s critical to address suspected issues early on as studies show that first-time mothers who deliver vaginally have a higher risk of developing pelvic floor issues one to two decades after birth.

Using manual therapy techniques, exercise, and muscle re-education, postpartum pelvic floor physical therapy can help you address and heal a variety of common (but not normal) issues, including:

  • Pain with sex
  • Leaking pee, gas, or poop
  • Back or tailbone pain
  • Experiencing constipation or hemorrhoids
  • Run to the bathroom too often
  • Experiencing Diastasis Recti

Download the Postpartum Pelvic Floor guide now

Are you interested in learning more about connecting with and healing your pelvic floor? Download the free guide from Dr. DiGrado below.

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pelvic floor therapy postpartum

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