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I’m Molly. I’m a licensed clinical social worker and a perinatal mental health therapist.

I’m a mother of two and the founder of Poppy Therapy, where I help new moms, postpartum women, and moms who want to find meaning, courage, and solid ground in all of the emotions, decisions, and new experiences that come with motherhood.

And I’m in it with you.

I’m on a motherhood learning journey, too.

I do what I do because I’ve been where you are - so happy and full of love, but also… so anxious, vulnerable, overstimulated and overwhelmed, heavy with exhaustion, and sooo unsure (“Am I doing this right?!”). I know firsthand the difference that good therapy can make, and I believe strongly in the healing that comes from being seen and supported. My experience in postpartum ignited my passion to help mothers who feel like I once did find confidence, calm, and connection.

I view my role as a therapist as a supportive partner and a compassionate guide and witness in your motherhood journey.

I’ve got the mental health expertise, the research-based tools and resources, and the experience helping other moms like you. And you’re the expert in your experience, emotions, values, and goals.

This journey is tough but also an opportunity for growth, healing, self-exploration, and learning.

I’m here to help you find some solid ground so you can BLOOM in motherhood.


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