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How to Navigate Postpartum in a Pandemic World

mom in mask with a baby stroller

Listen in to an honest and raw conversation with three moms who became parents in the middle of a pandemic. They share their strategies for coping, navigating, and feeling more connected during this truly, well, unprecedented time.

Episode 16 | Sarah Goodman and Mira Lax of Eva Mental Health

Pandemic pregnancy and birth. It is our new reality. And while living the last two years in this new way of life, it does not make becoming a mom any easier.

How do we find the support we need during these unprecedented times?

Mira and Sarah of Eva Mental Health share their stories of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum during the beginning of the pandemic.

Through their experience, they’ve nurtured a way for moms to connect, share and support other women in their motherhood journey. Because while having a baby might look different today, knowing you’re heard and supported can make all the difference.

More about Sarah and Mira:

Mira is a mother, writer, and marketing strategist who creates, curates, and collects high-quality content.

She has experience with online and offline marketing, corporate writing and editing, branding and rebranding globally, strategic partnership development, and large-scale event planning.

Sarah Goodman, MSW, RSW, is a mother, a registered social worker, and a passionate supporter of mothers at all stages of their parenting journey.

She intimately understands that becoming a mother is hard. Many stressors can make you feel alone and overwhelmed, from trying to conceive to loss, pregnancy, and motherhood.

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As someone who became a mom during the COVID-19 pandemic and experienced loss prior, Sarah quickly understood the importance of support throughout the journey to motherhood.

Sarah is passionate about providing quality support to women in their most vulnerable moments. When so much is asked of you, Sarah’s goal is to help mothers feel validated, supported, and cared for.

Topics Covered:

1:01 | Becoming a Covid-19 mom
4:23 | Facing the risks
11:26 | Coping and navigating
18:48 | Eva services
29:25 | I “should” be happy
32:36 | You’re allowed to complain
41:43 | Final question

Additional Resources

To learn more about Mira and Sarah, go to for additional information and resources.

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