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Tips on How to Really Prepare for Your Postpartum Recovery

Sure, there are things you should buy, but in this episode, Gigi – a postpartum doula – shares her top three tips for a truly supportive postpartum recovery. It’s a must-listen.

011 | Gigi Vera Vincent of A Simple Home

Most new mothers are not prepared for what postpartum will bring.

Yes, a new baby means a new chapter in your life is beginning, but for a lot of mothers it’s less like a new chapter and more like a new book. Postpartum recovery comes with a lot of surprises for families and, even with support, it is a constant struggle growing accustomed to, not only a newborn, but a new way of life.

In this episode, I chat with postpartum doula Gigi Vera Vincent about navigating the rough waters of postpartum. Gigi was inspired to become a postpartum doula after her own struggles with postpartum depression and identity loss. She talks about what the roll of a postpartum doula is in helping parents set realistic expectations and understand that there is no one mold you need to fit when it comes to parenthood.

There is so much societal pressure that does not support a healthy postpartum recovery. We hope, though Gigi’s experience and advice, that you feel supported and heard in your motherhood journey.

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Meet Gigi Vera Vincent

Gigi a postpartum doula, newborn care specialist, non-toxic educator, mother to three toddlers, including twins, and a wife to her high school sweetheart.

As a former teacher, she brings realistic, evidence-based, and actionable advice (and LOTS of handouts.) I empower families, so once baby arrives, they can focus on resting and bonding instead of researching or stressing.

She’s here to streamline the newborn learning curve and guide birth parents, partners, and other family members. There isn’t ONE way to have and raise a little human. Gigi’s here to assist parents as they find THEIR way so that they can thrive in the fourth trimester and beyond.

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Topics Covered:

1:47 | One thing you wish
3:22 | Comparing other cultures
9:32 | Fitting the mold
15:39 | The roll of a doula
21:48 | What can come up during postpartum
27:35 | Realistic expectations
32:32 | The path to postpartum doula
35:44 | Something you wish you knew about postpartum
43:29 | Connect with Gigi

Additional Resources

You can connect with Gigi Vera Vincent on her website where you can find additional information and resources.

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