C-Section Recovery Guide


Worldwide, 1 in 5 births is a C-section. Unfortunately, for many, there isn’t much standard care support for life after a cesarean birth. This eBook covers what you need to know about recovery (and beyond).


Whether planned or unplanned, cesarean birth is also a major abdominal surgery, and there isn’t enough support when you walk (or wheel) out the hospital doors. This book will become your guide to everything C-section recovery.

Written by a pelvic floor physical therapist, a women’s health nurse practitioner, a lactation consultant, and the Hello Postpartum founder, this expert-written guide will cover everything you need to know about recovering from a c-section birth.

This book will help you better understand what to expect. We will help take the guesswork out of your healing journey so you’ll feel more prepared, empowered, and confident in your cesarean recovery.

From wound care, what to look out for while healing, tips for processing your birth, how to move your body to protect your incision, breastfeeding tips (if this is a part of your journey), c-section recovery essentials, and so much more.

Per copyright law, you may not share, duplicate, or distribute these books without written permission from Hello Postpartum.

What’s included?

  • A 60-page book written by postpartum experts
  • Cesarean birth preferences sheet
  • Hospital essentials checklist
  • At-home recovery essentials checklist

What will I learn?

  • Why processing your birth is critical (no matter how you give birth!)
  • What to expect after a cesarean birth from the first 48 hours to the first six weeks
  • How to support your recovery, including tips on self-care, mobility, asking for help, and more
  • Everything you should know about your cesarean incision, including at-home wound care
  • Navigating breastfeeding after a cesarean birth (yes, there can be unique challenges)
  • Common red flags and warning signs to look out for

We fully believe that every person should prepare for a cesarean birth as a birth option because the truth is that birth is unpredictable. It’s critical to be equipped, educated, and as empowered as possible.

Take a closer look inside the book

…and a peek at the chapter overview

Learn the top ten most important tips about recovering from a cesarean birth.

This printable checklist will suggest everything you will need to recover from a C-section birth in the hospital and at home.

Discover why processing your birth is an integral part of your recovery journey, no matter how you feel about your birthing experience. This section includes helpful prompts and journaling space to write your birth story if you’d like.

This section also covers common emotions and discusses what defines a traumatic birth.

Uncover what the first 48 hours, the first week, and the first six weeks could look like after surgery. This section dives deep into recovering from a C-section birth and includes common care tips, what to look out for while healing, helpful ideas to support your recovery and so much more.

There are things you can do to support your healing journey, and this section outlines a few ways through self-care advice, asking for help guidance, and mobility tips.

A women’s health nurse practitioner shares important things to look out for while recovering from your cesarean birth.

You probably won’t receive much guidance on how to care for your new incision at home. Can you get it wet? How can I tell if it’s infected? Is it normal if I can’t feel anything? We answer all of these questions and more in this section.

Birth parents share real photos of their C-section scars and tell their stories of birth and recovery. There aren’t many photos of real cesarean incisions readily available, so this section is beneficial (and heartwarming).

If breastfeeding is a part of your feeding journey, there are specific and unique challenges that a Cesarean parent might face. A lactation counselor breaks down what you should know and how to overcome common challenges and shares tips on how you can prepare for breastfeeding while pregnant and expecting a cesarean birth.

How do I receive this book?

Your postpartum eBook will be delivered via a link for instant download. You can easily access them on your phone, tablet, or computer.

The eBooks are also formatted for printing, so you can easily print and bind the books if you prefer to have a physical copy. You may not share, duplicate, or distribute these books without written permission from Hello Postpartum.


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