Hydrogel Soothing Compresses for Breastfeeding Nipples


Did you know that Hydrogel Compresses (Hydronips) aided faster recovery compared to lanolin and nipple creams? These are a must-have for new nursing and pumping moms.

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Get instant, soothing relief from our Hydronip compresses for cracked and sore breastfeeding nipples.

Using Hydropnips while breastfeeding can:

• Promote faster healing
• Form a protective barrier for sore, cracked nipples
• Cools skin on contact

About Hydronips:

• Individually Wrapped
• Sterile
• Non-toxic and free from preservatives
• Reusable for 24 hours

These are a must-have for your nips. Store in the fridge for extra cooling relief.

To use: Remove the adhesive strip – place it on the back of the shirt or tights, and feel the warmth of these beauties.

Made in Australia

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