Nipple Healing Kit


This kit is created by midwives and combines the two latest evidence-based products to create a powerhouse nipple-healing, soothing duo.

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Made with high-quality and research-backed materials, this nipple healing kit includes the following:

• 2x reuseable sterling silver nipple caps (silver nips)
• 10x hydrogel nipple compresses (hydronips)

About the silver nipple cups: 925 silver can promote healing, especially for wounds (such as cracked, sore nipples). The silver properties provide mothers antimicrobial, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal benefits.

About the nipple compresses: hydrogel compresses are clinically proven to reduce breastfeeding nipple intervention and treatment and aid in faster recovery than lanolin use. It’s as easy as placing the compress on, and voila. For an extra-soothing treat, place the patches in the fridge before use.

Made in Australia

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