Postpartum Hormone Handbook


From postpartum hair loss to pesky night sweats, hormonal changes don’t stop after pregnancy. This book teaches what you – and your postpartum hormones – can expect.


Written by a naturopathic doctor and a functional medicine practitioner, this 50+ page in-depth guide covers everything you need to know about navigating and supporting your changing hormones after birth.

Your hormones play a role in everything and are everywhere after birth. This eBook will help you better understand what happens inside your body postpartum.

Per copyright law, you may not share, duplicate, or distribute these books without written permission from Hello Postpartum.

What’s included?

• A 50+ page book written by hormone experts
• Hormone testing cheatsheet (doctor-approved!)
• Birth control guide
• Postpartum hormone timeline

From lifestyle suggestions to environmental changes to simple hormone-supporting food options, you’ll learn how to best support your hormones in a way that feels accessible and realistic.

Including finding the best birth control option for you and your family and which birth control you should avoid if breastfeeding.


What will I learn?

  • The top postpartum hormones
  • What to expect at key milestones after birth
  • How to support your hormones
  • What your birth control options really are
  • Signs of hormonal imbalance
  • What to know about hormone testing
  • The hormones your doctor should test and when

Plus, we dive deep into a hormonal diagnosis that quietly affects up to 5% of new mothers (and they might not even realize it!). It’s important information that you should know after giving birth.

Take a closer look inside the book

…and a peek at the chapter overview

A Naturopathic Doctor shares an in-depth overview of the role of hormones in our bodies and why they are essential to our overall health and wellness.

Learn which hormones are responsible for what (like milk production, pesky night sweats, mood swings, and more) and better understand how you can support them.

Take a closer look at a typical postpartum hormone timeline, what hormones are impacted, and what they affect. Plus, learn what you can expect during key milestones after birth.

Learn what you can expect after birth when it comes to your hormones and the typical postpartum “timeline.” Plus, understand why it’s so critical to slowly wean your baby when the time comes.

A closer look at how stress and sleep play a role in your postpartum hormonal journey and what you can do to protect yourself from the effects of stress.

Simple, practical nutrition tips and advice to ensure you’re supporting your postpartum hormones and nourishing yourself deeply from the inside out.

Better understand the warning signs of hormonal imbalance and get a clearer picture of if you are experiencing a hormonal imbalance after birth.

Includes a printable cheat sheet for your doctor’s appointment! Everything you need to know about hormone testing: when to test, why you should test, what to test, how to self-advocate, and more.

Learn more about a little-known (but very important) thyroid disorder that can impact up to 5% of those who have recently given birth.

Everything you should know when it comes to family planning and birth control. Also, we cover if exclusive breastfeeding is an effective means of birth control (and what you should do instead).

How do I receive this book?

Your postpartum eBook will be delivered via a link for instant download. You can easily access them on your phone, tablet, or computer.

The eBooks are also formatted for printing, so you can easily print and bind the books if you prefer to have a physical copy. You may not share, duplicate, or distribute these books without permission from Hello Postpartum.


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