Postpartum Mental Health Guide


1 in 5 mothers experiences a perinatal mood disorder after birth; do you know the signs? This comprehensive 60+ page guide will help you understand and protect your mental health after birth.

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Authored by licensed postpartum mental health experts, this eBook is packed with everything you wish someone had told you about caring for your postpartum mental health.

Studies show that up to 20% of new moms experience a postpartum mental health disorder up to one year after birth. But what’s “normal,” and what deserves more attention and support?

This book will help you better understand.

Per copyright law, you may not share, duplicate, or distribute these books without written permission from Hello Postpartum.

What’s included?

• A 60+ page eBook written by licensed practitioners
• Two printable mental health checklists
• Five conversation prompts to ask for help
• A sleep deprivation checklist

If you are worried or unsure how postpartum will affect your mental health or want to be as prepared as possible, this book will outline everything you need to know. Your mental health is a critical and overlooked part of becoming a parent.


What will I learn?

  • The differences between baby blues and postpartum depression
  • Signs it’s time to ask for more support from those around you or a professional
  • The most common risk factors for developing a mental health disorder
  • The different types of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders
  • Common emotions and feelings after birth
  • How sleep deprivation impacts your mental health
  • How to ask for the help you need

Take a closer look inside the book

…and a peek at the chapter overview

Learn who is most at risk for developing a Perinatal Mood Disorder and why these disorders are often underdiagnosed in new parents (plus, what you can do about that!).

Explore what feelings and emotions you can expect after birth and learn how to feel your healthiest while acknowledging your feelings, as shared by a licensed counselor and mom of two.

Discover the critical differences between the baby blues and PMADs, and the one telltale sign it’s time to reach out for professional support.

A certified therapist breaks down the types of PMADs and how they are all different (yet very similar) to each other. This chapter will help you better understand what you might be experiencing and give insight into what to look out for after birth.

In this chapter, a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant shares how sleep deprivation significantly impacts postpartum mental health and gives tips on navigating this time.

A licensed social worker shares five step-by-step prompts on asking for help and support surrounding your mental health and gives tips on approaching this conversation with your loved ones, care providers, and therapist.

We partnered with a Perinatal Mental Health Counselor and co-author to create a new and improved mental health checklist and provide you with a printable copy to take to your doctor. You’ll find a copy of the EPDS, too.

How do I receive this book?

Your postpartum eBook will be delivered via a link for instant download. You can easily access them on your phone, tablet, or computer.

The eBooks are also formatted for printing, so you can easily print and bind the books if you prefer to have a physical copy. You may not share, duplicate, or distribute these books without permission from Hello Postpartum.


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