Postpartum Nutrition Book and Recipe Guide


A practical and approachable guide on how – and what – to eat in postpartum to support your recovery. Plus, 40+ easy-to-make recipes to encourage healing.

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Written by a postpartum doula, a lactation consultant, and (three!) published postpartum cookbook authors, this 50+ page eBook covers everything you need to know about food after birth.

Inside, you’ll find, what to cook, when to start cooking (hello, freezer meals!), how to strategically organize your kitchen, and more.

What’s included?

• A 50+ page eBook
• A printable postpartum shopping list
• 40+ nourishing recipes, including Nourishing Chicken Soup, Overnight Oats, Cashew Date Bites, Breakfast Burritos, and more
• An easy snack “cheat sheet”

Plus, a nutritionist shares her take on what to order from drive-thru restaurants to best support your healing. Let’s be honest: life is busy, and there’s not always someone around to cook your next meal.


What will I learn?

  • What food is essential after birth
  • How to eat for healing and recovery
  • Top postpartum nutrients you need
  • 40+ easy and delicious recipes
  • A printable postpartum shopping list
  • How to eat to support breastfeeding
  • Tips to prepare your kitchen before the baby arrives

Take a closer look inside the book

…and a peek at the chapter overview

A registered dietitian, cookbook author, and IBCLC shares why the mindset of nourishment is essential after birth. She also examines the role of society, diet culture, and postpartum time.

Learn how to prepare your fridge, freezer, and pantry for the arrival of your new baby to best support your postpartum nutrition needs and recovery.

Understand which nutrients are critical for your postpartum recovery and learn what food sources supply them.

A holistic doula, nutrition consultant, and cookbook author shares some practical, helpful, and empowering tips for your nourishment and nutrition during life after birth.

Two printable shopping lists covering everything you’ll need for postpartum meals and snacks. Plus, now you can easily send someone else grocery shopping and ensure you’ll get what you need.

Containing over 40+ recipes and meal ideas, this section covers easy-to-make and delicious snacks and meals for your postpartum recovery.

We get it – life is busy. A nutritionist shares tips on navigating fast food and takeout while postpartum to best support your recovering mind and body.

A closer look at how nutrition plays a role in your breastfeeding journey, including the essential nutrients for supporting your health while nursing and what herbs and foods support your milk supply.

How do I receive this book?

Your postpartum eBook will be delivered via a link for instant download. You can easily access them on your phone, tablet, or computer.

The eBooks are also formatted for printing, so you can easily print and bind the books if you prefer to have a physical copy. You may not share, duplicate, or distribute these books without permission from Hello Postpartum.


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