Postpartum Recovery Essentials Bundle


Expecting or know someone who is? This postpartum recovery bundle features all must-have items for after birth, including mesh underwear, organic overnight pads, a sitz bath blend, and more.

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This postpartum care kit has all essentials to help you recover from giving birth.

It includes the following: 

• Postpartum Underwear: Made of cloth-like breathable mesh that ensures your postpartum pad stays in place. These comfortable underwear stretch to accommodate your changing body (5 pairs).

• Peri bottle: this is a postpartum must-have for perineal care. With the ergonomically angled spray designed for perfect aim—this is a major upgrade from the standard-issue hospital peri bottle.

• Organic overnight pads: Our soft organic overnight pads feel like a dream after using the pads they give you at the hospital (12 pads).

• Organic herbal sitz bath: helps lessen swelling on your perineum and soothe pesky hemorrhoids. Brew for your sitz bath, peri bottle, or bathtub.

• Mother Mother canvas bag

Made in the USA

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