Pregnancy and Birth Affirmation Cards


Housed in a branded calico bag with a handcrafted locally-made timber stand, this set of 31 cards has been created to empower women to birth their babies calmly and confidently.

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• Hand-drawn illustrations
• Hand-crafted timber stand
• Packaged in a Seasons of Mama calico bag
• Contains 31 cards

It also includes two blank affirmation cards for your own affirmation/mantra, or perhaps an older sibling would like to create one for you in words or pictures. They are designed to empower women to give birth to their babies calmly and confidently.

Self-affirmations are designed to help you re-program any limiting beliefs, negative inner narratives, anxieties, and fears. Doing so allows you to actualize your dreams and your goals.

These cards have been meticulously created to honor you where you are while helping to guide you toward where you would like to go—a must for the hospital bag and your preparations in the lead-up.

Made in Australia

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