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How to Throw Away the Societal Pressures Felt By Mothers for Good

mom holding her new baby in cream sweater

What you can do to lean into your motherly intuition and leave the external noise behind for good.

009 | Meghan Van Metre

Expecting comes with more than just a baby.

As a new or multi-mama, you may have fallen victim to societal pressures surrounding both pregnancy and motherhood. How to eat, how to sleep, how to change a diaper, how to encourage crawling or eating solid foods, how to breastfeed…the list is endless.

While the intentions behind them may be good, falling short of these expectations can put a lot of unwanted stress on us as mothers. We may think we are doing things wrong or aren’t good mothers because we are falling short.

Take a breath. You’re doing fantastic.

Meghan Van Metre, the voice behind The Stressfree Mama, is here to put those pressures put on us by society to bed. In this episode, we dive into the natural person you should be listening to on your motherhood journey, yourself.

Getting clear of the fluff will help you listen to that inner voice and help remind us that there are no two mothers on the same journey. Meghan is a great advocate in tapping into our motherly intuition regarding parenting, self-care, and trusting ourselves.

Meet Meghan Van Metre

I’m Meghan Van Metre, and my passion for helping mamas was sparked by my own experience of having a baby. I vividly remember that dreaded two-week wait, saying goodbye to the body and identity I once knew while pregnant, and my-oh-my, those postpartum hormones were REAL!

While I was going through the usual ups and downs of motherhood, I realized how little support there is for a mama’s mental health and how much pressure there is to do things a certain way. Stress shouldn’t rob a mom of the most beautiful time in her life, which is why I am here!

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woman struggling with anxiety and her hand on her head in a white t shirt

I’m based in California and work with women across the world. I live with my baby girl Mylo, husband Matt, and mini Goldendoodle Cody. Outside of life coaching, I love to send snail mail and spend time in Lake Tahoe.

Topics Covered

1:39 | Moving into the postpartum space
3:03 | FInding your intuition
5:50 | Listening to your intuition
9:28 | Mothering in masculine vs. feminine energy
15:58 | question one thing
19:19 | Essential work
22:29 | Advice for postpartum moms
29:28 | Isolation
37:00 | Changing your style
40:55 | What you wish someone told you about postpartum

Additional Resources

You can connect with Meghan Van Metre on her website where you can find additional information and resources.

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