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Exploring the Intersection of Spirituality and Early Motherhood

pregnant mom mediation spiritual practice

Listen in as an author, spiritual teacher, and postpartum doula shares the potential power within the postpartum period. She shares tips on harnessing this transformational time and approaching it through a lens of love – even when it feels impossible.

031 | Kelly Van Zandt, Author of Powerful Postpartum

Kelly believes that the early moments of motherhood are some of the most transformational of a woman’s life, and Kelly highlights the woman’s spiritual growth in early motherhood.

In her new book, Powerful Postpartum, Kelly presents a fresh and empowering perspective on the postpartum period as one filled with tremendous potential for growth and an opportunity to rediscover the woman’s truest essence.

pregnant mom mediation spiritual practice

What is spiritual mothering?

So many ideas of what a mother should be swim in our minds of expecting or new mothers. We experience a sense of selflessness; that motherhood is an act of martyrdom that is expected of us.

Spiritual mothering is about reaching into yourself and listening to what is there. A tremendous movement of personal growth and development is caused by this tiny life we are entrusted to nurture and protect.

What is the power of motherhood?

Motherhood can become a constant battle with seeking validation. No one can validate you more, as a mother, than yourself. Taking yourself out away the idea of what it means to be a good mom and getting to the root of the why grants us a way to achieve internal freedom.

It is so rich and brimming with opportunities for acceptance and love. An eternal love that has always existed but only now are we experiencing it for the first time. It allows us to see what is in our hearts and bridge the gap between what limits our connections.

Postpartum is layered with so many moments of growth.

How motherhood impacts spirituality

Growth is not linear. It is riddled with slopes and bounds that we sometimes don’t expect, especially in motherhood. But it also allows us to connect with ourselves and understand why we perceive ourselves as we do.

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This kind of opportunity can only strengthen the bond between ourselves and those we keep closest to us.

Topics covered

What does spiritually-driven motherhood look like? (1:53)
How do you know motherhood is growth (5:23)
Looking for that love (6:58)
The idea of motherhood (9:56)
Being conscious of where your thoughts come from (15:16)
Start here and now (18:57)
Final question (23:17)

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