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Was Your Birth Traumatic? What It Is and How to Overcome It

newborn baby after birth on mother's chest

Listen in as a mental health therapist shares what defines a traumatic birth, shares her personal story of birth trauma, and gives heart-centered advice to those working to heal from their birth experience. It’s a must-listen for any new mother.

003 | Sharmon Reddington of Mum Well

What is a traumatic birth?

This sounds like a heavy question. Traumatic birth isn’t always just labor and delivery gone wrong. It can be anything a mother experiences that leaves a long-lasting impression on their mental and/or physical state during and after birth.

So many mothers experience this and, for most of them, the trauma is disregarded and left untreated.

Talking with Sharmon Reddington of Mum Well, this episode focuses on the societal stigma surrounding birth trauma. She shares her personal story and how she overcame the pressures of putting her trauma aside to embrace and heal from it.

In our mission to change the perspective around postpartum health, birth trauma plays a significant part. Taking care of our mental health and actively seeking help in our recovery is the first step to becoming better parents and moms.

Meet Sharmon of Mum Well

Sharmon Reddington is an HPCSA* Registered Counsellor. In addition to postpartum, she is experienced in providing mental health support in attachment, addiction, bereavement, trauma, parenting guidance, and relationship and marital difficulties.

I have experienced the joys of motherhood as well as the chaos, mum guilt, and loss of former self. I have been the mum awake in the early hours of the morning, connecting with a fellow mother online.

Working with women around the globe reminds me daily that we are certainly not alone, despite often feeling that way.

I also have a special place in my heart for mothers in the adoption process as well as those undergoing fertility treatment.

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Regardless of the way in which you conceived or delivered your baby, if you can relate to the ups and downs of those first 12 months after birth and want to connect, please reach out, and join our online Mum Well Community.

Sharmon lives in Knysna, SA, with her husband and two children.

Topics covered in this episode

1:54 | The definition of traumatic birth
7:55 | Sharmon’s birth trauma experience
14:05 | Downplaying our emotions
17:51 | A message to mothers
21:21 | Postpartum support with birth trauma
30:50 | What for you is good?
35:33 | What you wish you knew about postpartum

Extra resources

You can learn more, explore resources, and connect with Sharmon at

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