What It Really Means to Be an Intuitive Mother (and How to Do It)

As mothers, we’re in tune with what our children need, but are we listening to our intuitive voice with ourselves? Listen in as Zo’e describes what she believes it means to be an intuitive mother and shares her personal stories of growth.

015 | Zo’e Cole of The Aloha Mamatog

Becoming a mother is far from simple. With it comes challenges most parents do not prepare for well.

But it’s not impossible to overcome.

Zo’e Cole is a photographer who specializes in capturing the precious memories of motherhood, from pregnancy to postpartum. Zo’e and I dive into what it means to be an intuitive mother.

Turning into yourself and putting yourself first can be a huge mountain to overcome, but Zo’e’s tips and insight grant us simple ways to help guide us in being seen and heard.

No two mothers are alike, and the path may look different for each of us, but it’s a path each of us takes in realizing our worth in our role as a mother.

Meet Zo’e Cole

Zo’e is the happiest when churro’d in warm sand by the sea. She is a motherhood story photographer serving in Orange County, CA. Growing up in San Clemente, She began her photography journey shooting surfers from afar. Although she’s shooting different stories these days, the surf, sand, and stoke are still in her aesthetic style.

She fell in love with maternity and newborn memories long before becoming a mother myself, but becoming a mama made her truly envelop herself in all the ups and downs of motherhood—from conception to postpartum.

After her daughter’s birth, Zo’e’s purpose was solidified. She knew she wanted to change her birth narrative to something that she’s empowered and created to do. When she started witnessing and photographing more births, Zo’e knew she had the honor of fulfilling that desire for other mothers, too.

She invokes passion, focus, and talent, photographing mothers and their loved ones during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

Topics Covered:

2:19 | The meaning of intuitive motherhood
14:31 | Survival brain
20:04 | Is that really what you need?
30:39 | Each child is different
35:45 | Educating yourself
38:12 | Social media
40:35 | Being seen and heard
44:59 | Final question

Additional resources

You can learn about Zo’e and connect with her at thealohamamatog.com for additional resources.

Zo'e Cole


Zo’e is a maternity, birth, and newborn photographer based in San Clemente, CA. Inspired most by the sunny beach days and sandy baby feet, she thrives most on making other mothers feel seen and celebrated.

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