About Hello Postpartum

Founded by new mom and self-care author Carley Schweet, Hello Postpartum aims to help fill the knowledge gaps in traditional postpartum care.

At Hello Postpartum, we strive to create an accessible community where everyone can access postpartum education, research-backed articles, and support tools. We also offer expert-written eBooks and a Postpartum Shop filled with the latest high-quality recovery essentials.

You’ll find helpful interviews, infographics, articles, and more created by midwives, OB-Gyns, doulas, postpartum nurses, mental health therapists, naturopaths, etc.

It’s time to change how society supports new parents. Hello Postpartum can help.

Hello Postpartum_Founder Carley Schweet

Meet our founder

Year founded:   2020

Founded by:  Carley Schweet, new mom and self-care author

Number of contributors:   150 and counting

Best advice:   You can’t get the support you need without sharing your needs.

We believe:   That postpartum doesn’t end at six weeks, six months, or even a year. Postpartum is forever.

What she learned postpartum

That every relationship changes when you have a baby.

That it can take months or even years to begin to recognize yourself.

That your baby doesn’t need a perfect mom with all the answers.

That loving your baby isn’t always instantaneous.

To hold onto the moments, no matter how small or fleeting.

That there’s no shame in asking for support.

To capture more memories with me in them.

That I might not feel ready for sex well beyond six weeks.

That it’s okay not to love the newborn stage.