Emily Adler Mosqueda

Emily Adler Mosqueda, M.S., CCC-SLP is a bilingual and bicultural pediatric speech-language pathologist, associate clinical professor, and mother of two. She holds state and national certifications and began her career in 2009. Since experiencing postpartum depression late in her second postpartum, Emily has become an advocate for the postpartum time. She teaches about parental mental health factors to her graduate speech-language pathology students. In 2021, she created Instagram account @postpartum365 where she shares peer-reviewed research on postpartum topics, in an effort to shift the cultural understanding of how long the postpartum time lasts and the issues that can, and do arise, after six months postpartum. Emily is the author of the free children’s book My Big Feelings and The Big Bad Virus available at mybigfeelings.com in English and Spanish. For fun, Emily enjoys rafting with daughters and husband in the Pacific Northwest, photography, and free writing. Connect with her and hear authentic shares of motherhood on Instagram @emily.adler.mosqueda and read some of her writing at emilyadlermosqueda.com.

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