Emily Ironi

I always dreamt of having a child but getting pregnant didn’t come easily. With the help of a donor, IVF and years of wishing and hoping, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in February 2012. Having my daughter, Arden Rose, made me realize two things: Being a mom is incredible. But, trying to manage the many moving parts of work, life, taking care of a baby, and staying centered in the midst of beautiful chaos – is hard. Breastfeeding and pumping were my focus in her first year of life – but the logistics and commitment of constantly changing into and out of ugly bras frustrated me. But there was no other way. So, I made it my mission to create one. I felt like I could make a difference. And The Dairy Fairy offered an approach that’s a lot more real and relatable for moms. My priority seemed simple: Make one elegant garment designed for nursing and handsfree pumping, ensuring comfort and fit - that didn’t resemble a medieval contraption. After months and a successful kickstarter campaign, the Arden – our signature bra – became one of the FIRST and best selling breastfeeding and pumping bras on the market. I like to say I gave birth to two babies, all by myself, in one year! Since, it has been TEN incredible years of pioneering ingenious intimates. Starting with one all-in-one style, to now a whole collection of over 10 options for different needs, sizes and budgets. My mission is to be the nursing mother’s first choice in beautiful intimates that do it all and to support all moms, regardless of how or where they feed their babes. With extended sizing and features that answer to any type of nursing or pumping, our collection can truly support moms and their breasts.

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