Kelli Blinn

Since the age of 10, Kelli has been completely fascinated by everything related to pregnancy, birth, and the female body. Becoming a mother was the catalyst she needed to push her towards chasing after her long-held interests and turning her passions into a career. For Kelli, the work never gets old. She considers it a distinct honor to get to partner with families during what is often the most powerful life change they will ever encounter and she is grateful to get to guide them along the journey of pregnancy, birth, and a baby's first months. Kelli’s transition into motherhood did not start off the way she had hoped. She struggled. The decades of reading books, watching videos, and listening to people’s birth stories could only prepare her so much. She lacked the support she needed (but didn't know she needed it until well after the fact). Amidst the joys and delights of parenthood, she also experienced low times and lots of frustration. Over time she realized that her experience was probably common for other people too and thus began her journey of helping other mamas, families, and babies. In the 8+ years that she’s been doing this work, she has had the pleasure of working with same-sex couples, heterosexual cisgender couples, single mothers, and blended families. She proudly serves families regardless of race, gender identity, sexuality, or faith. Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio where she lives with her husband and their two children, Kelli is passionate about serving families in her home state where the infant and maternal mortality rates are so high. She strives to make the birthing experience a safer, more equitable one for all by having hard conversations, showing up in difficult spaces, and advocating for what fair and justified care can be like.

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