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The Best Collagen for Postpartum Recovery (And What to Avoid)

woman in pink sweater scooping collagen powder

Using collagen for postpartum recovery is an easy and effective way to boost your nutrient stores and support your healing body. Here’s our round-up of the best postpartum collagen brands to try.

If you’re considering using collagen to support your healing body after birth, you’ll be happy to know we did all the hard work for you.

Below you’ll find our top postpartum collagen brands, plus some information on why collagen is beneficial, if it’s safe while breastfeeding, and what you should avoid when shopping for collagen.

  1. Needed Collagen Protein
  2. Majka Replenishing Powder
  3. Provita Nourish Postpartum Collagen Peptides
woman in pink sweater scooping collagen powder

Why is collagen good for postpartum?

In general, yes! Collagen can be a great option to add to your postpartum recovery, especially for breastfeeding (more on that below).

Collagen contains amino acids which are the building blocks of protein. Protein is a critical nutrient to help encourage muscle recovery, support joints and tissue throughout the body, and studies show collagen can even help with hair loss and thinning.

And protein from food sources alone isn’t always enough. Glycine is a critical amino acid that is tricky to receive adequate amounts of through food alone but is plentiful in collagen.

Most collagen supplements are made from a few different animal sources, including:

  • Bovine (cow)
  • Pig
  • Chicken
  • Fish

If you are vegan, there are some vegan options (like this one) in the market, but keep in mind that there aren’t many studies on the efficacy of non-animal-based collagen.

Benefits of taking collagen in postpartum

  • Can support joints and tissue
  • Encourages muscle recovery
  • Can help balance hormones
  • Supports wound healing
  • Helps you meet your daily protein requirement
  • Helps mitigate hair loss and thinning
  • Can support a healthy gut

Is collagen safe for lactating mothers and breastfeeding?

Currently, there are no official studies on breastfeeding and collagen intake; but it’s believed to be safe – and beneficial – for those lactating. If you are concerned, absolutely speak with your care provider.

One website states, “Many women wonder about collagen and breastfeeding. The answer is yes; it is safe to take while breastfeeding. There are no known side effects from taking it. It is a great supplement to help heal from pregnancy and repair any damage done.”

Additionally, breastfeeding requires an extra 25g of protein daily to support milk production and lactation. Adding collagen to smoothies, tea, or coffee can boost your protein intake and reach your nutritional requirements.

To learn more about postpartum nutrition, check out our expert-written Postpartum Nutrition Guide featuring over 40+ recipes and nutrition support.

infographic outlining the benefits of taking collagen in postpartum

Best collagen for postpartum

At a glance, here are our top three picks:

  1. Needed Collagen Protein
  2. Majka Replenishing Powder
  3. Provita Nourish Postpartum Collagen Peptides

Keep reading to learn more about each and why they made our list.

1. Needed Collagen Protein

Designed specifically for pregnancy and postpartum, the Needed Collagen Protein powder contains hydrolyzed bovine collagen (broken down into smaller chains called peptides) from “ethically sourced from the hides of grass-fed, pasture-raised, hormone-free bovines”.

One serving of this collagen contains 15g of protein and is designed to be optimally absorbed in your system.

The Needed Collagen Protein powder has 100+ five-star reviews and seems like a must-have for those preparing for postpartum recovery or who are currently postpartum at any stage.

Why this collagen is great for postpartum recovery:

  • Free from dairy, soy, grains, and legumes
  • Free from the number of heavy metals found in plant-based protein powders
  • Easy to take powder form
  • Unflavored taste (add it to anything!)
  • Third-party tested for quality
  • Easily digestible and easy to absorb

Save 20% on your first order with discount code HELLOPOSTPARTUM at checkout.

Needed postpartum collagen powder

2. Majka Replenishing Powder with Collagen

The Majka Replenishing Powder is different than the Needed Collagen Protein powder because it’s a 7-in-1 powder that provides 50+ vitamins, minerals, and superfoods to boost and support your postpartum healing.

The collagen itself is hydrolyzed bovine collagen and contains 12g of protein. You’ll also find other nutrients, such as vitamins A, B, C, D, and E, choline, folate, and more. You can easily mix this into smoothies, milk, water, chia pudding, and more.

Overall, real-life users are raving about the Replenishing Powder, and it has an average review of 4.9 stars and over 70 reviews.

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Why this collagen blend is great for postpartum recovery:

  • Contains an organic fruit and greens blend
  • Includes probiotics and digestive enzymes
  • Sustainable and adaptogenic energy boosters
  • Uses high-quality and bioactive ingredients
  • Ingredients tested for quality, purity, heavy metals, toxins, etc.

Save 15% on your first order with discount code HELLOPOSTPARTUM at checkout.

3. Provita Nourish Postpartum Collagen Peptides

The Provita Nourish Postpartum Collagen Peptides is derived from porcine (pigs) and is ethically sourced, tested, and produced. It’s vanilla-flavored and easy to blend into shakes or water.

This powder is also non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, lactose-free, soy-free, and preservative free, but keep in mind there are only 15 servings per bag, so you’ll need two bags to last a month.

The Provita Nourish Collagen has an average rating of 4.3, with over 40 reviews on Amazon. And yes, it’s available for Prime shipping.

Why this collagen blend is great for postpartum recovery:

  • Made in the USA and third-party tested
  • Fast-absorbing and bioavailable ingredients
  • Clinically proven to support recovery times
  • Safe and effective for breastfeeding
  • Supports hair, skin, and nail growth

Collagen to avoid in postpartum

When finding the best collagen for postpartum recovery, it’s important to look for brands that stand behind their products and put quality first.

With this in mind, you should avoid collagen products that:

  • Contain filler ingredients
  • Aren’t tested for heavy metals or toxins
  • Are artificially flavored or colored
  • Aren’t in the peptide or hydrolyzed form
  • Is sourced from an animal you are allergic to (ex: shellfish)

Final thoughts on choosing collagen for your postpartum recovery

Proper nutrition is a critical component of recovering from birth. Your body requires energy from food to heal wounds, create milk, and support your energy levels.

Adding collagen to your postpartum recovery plan can be a helpful, supportive way to ensure you take the best care possible after birth.

When deciding which postpartum collagen to incorporate into your daily life, consider your end goal while using collagen, your budget/how much you’d like to spend each month, and how long you plan to take it. These are all factors that can influence your decision.

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