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The 12 Best Postpartum Jeans for Every Body Shape and Size

a mom sitting cross-legged on the floor nursing her newborn baby postpartum

While there’s no rush to get back into a pair of jeans after giving birth, here are the best jeans we’ve found for new postpartum bodies.

Bringing new life into the world is one of the most profound and transformative experiences anyone can have. After giving birth, it can take time for your body to heal and adjust to the changes it’s going through.

Finding comfortable and accommodating clothing for your postpartum body is essential for your physical and mental well-being.

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a mom sitting cross-legged on the floor nursing her newborn baby postpartum

Jeans are a staple in practically everyone’s wardrobes, and finding the ideal pair of postpartum jeans can help you feel like yourself again in this new phase of life.

Today, we will be exploring the best postpartum jeans we know of so that you can find the pair that helps you feel confident and comfortable during this special time.

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  1. Metietila Drawstring Joggers
  2. BLANKNYC Denim-Printed French Terry Jogger
  3. RAG&BONE Denim-Printed French Terry Jogger
  4. Mama Prima Post-Pregnancy Skinny Jeans
  5. A Pea in the Pod Post-Pregnancy Jeans
  6. Athleta Sculptek Ultra Skinny Jeans
  7. Everlane The Way-High Jean
  8. Old Navy High-Waisted Straight OG Straight Jeans
  9. AE Stretch Mom Jean
  10. Levi’s 314 Shaping Straight Jeans
  11. AE Stretch ’90s Straight Jeans
  12. Lee’s Flex Motion Regular Fit Straight Jeans

What kind of jeans should I wear after giving birth?

  • Breathable, stretchy materials
  • Elastic or drawstring waistbands
  • Mid to high-rise waist
  • Extra core support

It’s important to give your body ample time to heal after you give birth, which includes being mindful of the clothes you wear.

Your body has undergone many changes over the last nine months, and you certainly won’t want to wear your normal jeans anytime soon after having your baby.

Luckily, tons of stylish denim options are specifically designed for the postpartum period (or could work well for this time without being actual “postpartum jeans.”

The best postpartum jeans are made with breathable and stretchy materials that provide you with the flexibility and comfort you need during this time.

Look for styles with stretchy waistbands that can be adjusted so you can comfortably wear them through the postpartum period and the changes that come with it. Jeans with ultra-stretchy and soft materials are typically the best jeans for c-section moms.

These days, all your favorite styles of jeans are offered for recovering postpartum bodies. There are plenty of high-waisted postpartum jeans out there, which are great for helping you feel extra supported and stylish on those days you’re out and about or want to put on a cute outfit.

If you prefer skinny jeans, they might seem out of the question during this time, but thankfully this is far from the truth. Several brands offer this style in cozy, comfortable materials (see below!), so you shouldn’t have trouble finding the best postpartum skinny jeans just right for your body.

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your sense of style when you’re postpartum – we want you to have the resources for all the most fashionable jeans while staying as comfortable as can be while you heal.

a stack of denim jeans from light to dark

When can I wear jeans after giving birth?

While you might not immediately go to the jeans in your closet (hello, yoga pants) right after birth, you’ll understandably want to know which postpartum jeans are the best so you’re prepared to throw a pair on when you feel ready.

The timing of feeling ready to wear jeans again after giving birth differs from person to person, so it’s important to listen to your body and do whatever feels right for your personal needs.

You can wear postpartum jeans within the first few weeks after giving birth as long as it feels comfortable.

You’ll likely have to hold off on wearing “regular” jeans until you’re at least six weeks postpartum since these generally have a tighter fit with less give in them.

Also, don’t be shocked if you have to size up a size or two (or more) from your pre-pregnancy size. Your body will take time to adjust and heal to its new home after carrying and birthing a baby.

Remember that your healing journey will differ from everyone else’s, so honor the recovery process, what feels right for you, and be kind to yourself always.

mom breastfeeding baby wearing jeans

Our favorite postpartum jeans (shop by style)

We’ve broken out our favorite picks for postpartum jeans by style. Some of these are true “postpartum” jeans designed for those who just gave birth, but most are everyday jeans that make the perfect addition to a new mom’s wardrobe.

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The loose fit throughout the body makes joggers a great option for postpartum jeans. They’re extra comfy (especially our picks) and easy to pair with almost anything.

1. Metietila Draw-String Joggers

With their loose fit, elastic draw-string waistband, and stretchy fabric, these jeans are perfect for postpartum bodies. Plus, they’re under $40, making them a great option for your postpartum wardrobe (and beyond!).

2. BLANKNYC Denim-Printed French Terry Jogger

You won’t believe it, but these jeans are sweatpants made from french terry cotton. To give the illusion of denim, the patterns and distressing are screen printed onto the pants, so you get the visual of denim but the comfort of sweatpants (just what postpartum called for!).

3. RAG&BONE Denim-Printed French Terry Jogger

Just like the above pair of joggers, these “jeans” are actually screen-printed french terry cotton joggers. There is less distressing overall, so the look is cleaner and more timeless, but the cost is significantly more.

Skinny jeans

Always classic, skinny jeans are a wardrobe staple and work well with flowy postpartum-friendly tops and tees. The ones we’ve picked out are super, super stretchy, so you can get the look of skinny jeans without all the constriction.

4. Mama Prima Post-Pregnancy Skinny Jeans

These skinny jeans are made specifically for postpartum mothers and feature a built-in power mesh support belly for extra support and hold after birth. They’re a skinny fit with Cotton/Polyester/Rayon/Spandex fabric, offering plenty of extra stretch and give.

5. A Pea in the Pod Post-Pregnancy Jeans

Just like the pair of postpartum-friendly jeans above, these post-pregnancy jeans also have the power mesh support belly for extra core support. They are a skinny fit and machine washable.

6. Athleta Sculptek Ultra Skinny Jeans

Made with a unique fabric designed to stretch in every direction (and then stretch right back!), these super-stretchy skinny jeans are perfect for life after birth. Plus, they’re very washer and dryer friendly, so toss and wash easily.

“Mom” jeans

Mom jeans are an excellent choice if you want more modern-fitting denim after birth. They are all high-rise, making them a comfortable choice for those who had a cesarean birth or want extra support throughout their core.

7. Everlane The Way-High Jean

With 98% cotton and 2% elastane (hello, stretch!), these super high-rise jeans are perfect for holding in your postpartum belly and providing comfort. They’re available in almost a dozen washes and different inseam lengths.

8. Old Navy High-Waisted Straight OG Straight Jeans

What makes these postpartum-friendly jeans extra special is the “clever secret-smooth front pockets hold you in for a smoothing effect,” making them the perfect choice for after birth and when you’re ready for denim. Plus, the fit is flattering and comfortable.

9. AE Stretch Mom Jean

These stretchy mom jeans are available in two washes, different inseams, and a wide range of sizes. The high-rise is extra comfortable, especially for c-section moms, as the waistband can easily rise above the incision line.

Straight-leg jeans

An update to skinny jeans, straight-leg jeans are less “legging-like” in style and offer a straight cut from the hips to the ankles. They’re easy to pair with anything in your closet and can be worn dressed up or down.

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10.Levi’s 314 Shaping Straight Jeans

Made with extra comfortable, super-soft, and stretchy fabric, these straight-leg jeans are the MVP for postpartum moms. They also have an innovative tummy-slimming panel plus enhanced comfort with supportive stretch, so you can have extra postpartum core support.

11. AE Stretc’90s0s Straight Jeans

These looser-fit straight jeans are extra comfortable thanks to their roominess and are designed for everyday wear. Plus, they have a high rise and a special stretch fabric that holds its shape and won’t bag out with wear.

1Lee’se’s Flex Motion Regular Fit Straight Jeans

With built-in elastic waistband technology, these straight-fit jeans sit just below the waist with a relaxed seat and thigh or extra comfort. Plus, they’re available in nine washes, and the cut is classic enough for extended wear, whether you have to dress them up or down.

Tips for embracing your new postpartum body

Embracing your new postpartum body might take some time – many changes are happening simultaneously, as your body is working hard at healing, among many other things.

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Your postpartum body is a beautiful reflection of the miracle you created and brought into the worlIt’st’s normal to feel many emotions about your new body, but try your best to remain kind, patient, and compassionate toward yourself during this time.

Pay attention to how you feel rather than how you look

Your physical body may have undergone some changes, but this does not remove any of your beauty or value. Remember how unbelievably strong you are and the incredible feat you’ve just accomplished.

Take good care of yourself

Eat nourishing foods, go on gentle walks when you feel ready, and get as much rest as possible to support your mental and physical well-being.

Be patient and kind to yourself

Your body has been through so mucit’st’s time to focus on healing. The recovery process will take some time, so remember this is expected and completely okay.

Be gentle with yourself as you navigate the postpartum phase, and remember that this is a natural part of bringing a child into the world. Every body is beautiful and unique, so celebrate this fact and be proud of it as you adjust to this new season of life.

Have a solid support system

Communicate with your family, partner, friends, healthcare provider, and mental health professional. Don’t bottle things up because the way you feel is completely valid. You deserve every ounce of support possible.

mom bottle feeding her baby in postpartum jeans

More on finding the perfect pair of postpartum jeans

The postpartum recovery period is a special time when taking the best possible care of your body is vital. Finding the best postpartum jeans to wear after birth can exponentially help how you feel as you navigate this new phase in life.

The right pair of postpartum jeans will be comfortable, breathable, and accommodating to your changing body. Finding the right style might also take a bit of time.

There are so many options available on the market today, so research the styles you prefer, whether that’s skinny or high-waisted postpartum jeans, to find the perfect fit for you.

Remember to be kind to yourself during this time – it may be easier said than done, but your body is strong and reflects the incredible journey you went through to bring new life into the world.

You are so resilient, so embrace this new chapter in your life, and trust you’ll heal in no time. Rest as much as possible, eat well, surround yourself with support, and throw on your favorite pair of postpartum jeans whenever you feel ready.

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