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A Guide on Effective Couple-Based Communication After Baby

couple communication tips

Having a baby flips many partnerships upside down. With some pre-planning and communication, that ride can feel less hectic and more.

You and your partner are having a baby. Congratulations! Nothing could bring the two of you closer and evoke more powerful feelings of love for one another than creating a new life together. How romantic!

Let’s break this down.

Your life together until your bundle is born about the two of you.

You blissfully enjoy plenty of uninterrupted time together. You get to have long conversations over dinner, enjoy cuddling on the couch to binge-watch your favorite TV series; you can sleep in on the weekends and catch naps when needed, and get to pick up at the last minute to take a much-needed weekend away.

You also can have sex whenever, wherever, and however you like, and it feels good; you know each other’s bodies and feel comfortable together.

You individually have all the time you need to address your needs: time for yourself, attending to personal hobbies and interests, and connecting with your circle of friends. 

Changes to a relationship after a baby

When a baby comes along, your typical couple dynamics will quickly change. Don’t get me wrong; bringing a little one into the world is lovely and will bring you joy in a way you never knew possible.

Expectant parents are often so busy preparing for their baby’s physical arrival that they overlook the practical implications of having this new – although precious – extremely needy little human join their family. 

Your time will no longer be your own. It will be dictated by feeding times, sleeping times, diaper changes, crying fits, sleepless nights, etc.

It’s critical to consider that a baby invites new challenges that send your relationship into a tailspin if not addressed before the baby’s arrival.

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Abby Waychoff

For many couples, what can be lost, or at least temporarily misplaced, is the reason this tiny person is even here: the love, respect, and partnership of the two people that created and brought them into this world in the first place.

But don’t worry; the couple’s communication tips and conversation points in the guide below will help you clear some more considerable hurdles before the baby arrives.

Download the guide

Creating a fluid plan and establishing open communication upfront can make the difference in feelings of frustration and loneliness and support and partnership.  

Use the Partnership Planning Guide below to initiate some critical conversations before you’re in the thick of it, and it feels too late.

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