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Alternatives for Eco-Friendly Feeding: Baby to Toddler

glass bottles in the drying rack

Are you looking for plastic-free alternatives for your baby? This article includes plastic-free options for birth through solids.

Whether you’re worried about the risks of drinking from plastic bottles, or you’re anxious thinking about the long-term effects of plastic on Earth, this article includes everything you need to nourish your kiddos, plastic-free.

toddler eating snack

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Plastic-free drinking alternatives

There are many different plastic-free drinking alternatives on the market for baby and beyond. From glass to silicone to metal, check out the eco-friendly options below.

Glass bottles

Glass bottles are chemical and toxin-free and don’t get the stains or odors traditionally associated with plastic bottles. Due to their longevity, they can also be sterilized and easily passed on to other families.

Glass bottle picks

If you’re terrified about your baby holding a glass bottle, plenty are available with sleeves for protection like these from Lifefactory.

Silicone bottles and cups


Silicone, like glass, is toxin-free. It’s easy to wash and sterilize as well.

For bottles, Comotomo is a popular choice, but these bottles by Boon Nursh are adorable and mimic mom’s natural nipple shape.

Transition cups

Transition cups are used when you start to phase out bottles and are beginning to introduce water to babies.

My twins are currently using these EZPZ cups. (Full disclosure: most of the water ends up on the floor, but they love them.)

Reusable water bottles

As your babies grow, they can switch to a water bottle. My son has had this one for a few years, but I’ve been eyeing this one for my twins.

Breast milk storage

For pumping or storing milk, instead of plastic bags, consider using mason jars. They are great as snack cups later.

Haakaa also makes silicone pouches for breastmilk that hold up to 260 ml and are easily washable with a bottle brush.

toddler eating snack

Plastic-free food and snack alternatives

Who knew that kids required so much stuff when they learned how to eat? Thankfully, there are many eco-friendly food and snack alternatives that are easily washable.

Plates and bowls

My kids have used actual bowls and plates from the time they could semi-feed themselves. Silicone bowls are great for babies and small toddlers, and these shatter-proof dishes are great for older kiddos.


I think my family has every kid utensil ever made; I find them under sofa cushions and in the laundry basket.

Want to know their favorite eco-friendly utensil? Their hands!

Other than their hands, these utensils by Bumkins and these by NumNum are well-loved. Once they transition out of the training utensils, a basic stainless steel set is all you need.

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Placemats are a great way to get small kids used to setting the table for mealtime. Etsy has fun ones like these complete with waterproof backing. There are also cute silicone mats that don’t slip and are easy to wipe clean.

Snack storage

For snacks, there are countless eco-friendly alternatives. I use silicone bags, tiny mason jars, or stainless steel cups.

Yogurt and snack pouches are a major waste source, but there’s no denying that they’re so convenient. Instead, I fill these silicone pouches with yogurt or smoothies.

plastic free snack storage

Eco-friendly cleaning alternatives

Sink items

ScrubBees are a fun way for little ones to clean their own hands.

Plastic bottle brushes can get pretty gross. I’ve had this beechwood brush for over a year, but it still looks brand new.

You might use your dish soap for baby bottles, but Dapple Baby makes one as well that’s fragrance-free and made with clean ingredients.

I know everyone loves the Boon grass drying rack, but this metal one is adorable and isn’t made with plastic.

Cleaning towels

Although they don’t have the cute patterns that others have, this set of burp cloths and bibs have lasted me years, and they’re made with organic cotton. And with babies, you can never have enough of these paper towel alternatives.

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