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You’re Not a Bad Mom, It’s Just a Sleep Regression

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Listen in as a pediatric nurse practitioner and certified sleep consultant shares why sleep regressions happen and how you can set your newborn up for sleep success. And no, the answer isn’t always a sleep schedule.

021 | Kelsey Alford of Nested Sleep

Nothing beats a good night’s sleep.

But for some mothers, that is easier said than done. I chat with Kelsey Alford, a certified pediatric nurse practitioner, about the ups and downs of sleeping with a new baby at home.

Kelsey highlights the sleep milestones all children go through and emphasizes the fact that the natural growth and development of your child do not reflect your abilities as a mother.

These are challenges every mother faces with their growing baby, and Kelsey gives us a window into how to cope with sleep regression, the factors that come into play, and how we, as parents and mothers, can utilize sleep to help keep ourselves healthy and far less stressed.

Meet Kelsey Alford

Kelsey is a mama of two, a pediatric nurse practitioner, and a trained professional in sleep. Her personal and professional experiences lead her to help your family sleep better.

Her passion is teaching families how to navigate the world of sleep using the best evidence-based techniques. She has a doctorate in nursing and believes that the best way to spread sleep knowledge is by individually working with clients to create a rested home.

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When she’s not working with clients here at Nested Sleep, you can find her chasing her toddlers around the beautiful city of Seattle with a cup of cold coffee in her hand.

Topics covered

1:46 | Why sleep regression happens
3:26 | The first thing
9:20 | Factors of a good night’s sleep
14:17 | 18-24 month sleep regression
18:16 | Realistic expectations
23:35 | Mom’s falling back asleep
28:04 | No schedule required
33:12 | Every baby is different
35:56 | Final question

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