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The Effects of New Mom Sleep Deprivation and the Truth on Sleep Training

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Sleep is an essential part of overall health and wellness. So if you are looking for ways to get better sleep – for you and your baby – listen in now.

022 | Yasmin Johnston of Mindful Sleep

You deserve better sleep.

Sleep is something that most parents don’t get enough of, especially with young children. Getting better sleep is essential to the health of both you and your family, and here’s why.

Yasmin Johnston is a sleep consultant specializing in helping families get their sleep back. Through her experience, Yasmin talks about the signs of sleep deprivation, the risks it could pose and the first steps you need to take if lack of sleep affects your life.

Sleep is essential and an essential part of your health. So if you are looking for ways to get better sleep, listen in.

About Yasmin:

Yasmin is the founder of Mindful Sleep, proud pilot wife, and mom to two wild boys who sleep through the night in their room, every night.

Once bedtime is done, she knows she’ll get a couple of hours to herself or spend with her husband, Kevin, to unwind. She loves waking up before the kids to enjoy her coffee (fresh, not microwaved for the 3rd time), while the house is quiet, and read. 

Yasmin was a sleep-deprived mom before starting her consulting journey. Her second son would wake numerous times each night, and being a breastfed baby, they always resorted to nursing back to sleep. She was depleted. 

She spent countless hours trying to read sleep training books and google ways to help my baby sleep, as I’m sure you have! Now, she supports other families living through that shared experience.

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Yasmin takes a holistic approach, taking sleep, nutrition, parent’s schedules, comfort levels and needs in mind. She also likes to focus on the parents once their child is sleeping better.

She encourages mom to do something she truly enjoys after baby is asleep. Then encourages an at home date night to help nurture that relationship between the parents. 

Topics Covered:

1:45 | Sleep deprivation
3:25 | When to reach out for help
5:50 | Yasmin’s story
12:39 | The health effects
18:05 | The first piece of advice
24:23 | Sleep training your baby
30:17 | Three tips to help support you and your partner
33:28 | Final Question

Additional sleep resources:

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