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A Kabrita Goat Milk Toddler Formula Review (Plus, Free Samples!)

Toddler drinking Kabrita goat milk formula bottle

When our founder made the decision to wean from breastfeeding, she struggled to find a goat milk toddler formula that was accessible, legal in the US (more on that below), and a taste her son enjoyed. Here’s a full Kabrita toddler formula review.

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No matter the reason you formula feed your child, it’s vital to find one that works for you, your family, and your baby.

If you’re interested in learning more about Kabrita’s goat milk toddler formula – is it “better” than cow’s milk? Is it closer to breastmilk? Why all of the sudden popularity? – and why we love Kabrita here at Hello Postpartum, don’t worry.

We cover all of the answers to these questions and more throughout this post. Our founder is even sharing her personal story with weaning and finding a formula for her son. She also gives her full review and run-down on Kabrita.

Can of Kabrita Goat Milk Toddler Formula on table

Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post. The opinions found within are honest and are our own. This post may contain affiliate links, and we will receive a small payment – at no extra cost to you – should you choose to purchase through these links. Thanks for helping us continue to provide free resources to readers like you.

Quick tips on choosing a formula for your baby

When choosing a formula, consider many factors – and personal preferences – so it may take some trial and error to find a formula that checks all of your boxes.

Some factors to consider include:

  • Cost
  • Ingredient list
  • Availability
  • Nutritional requirements
  • Dietary restrictions

Ultimately it’s best to follow trusted resources (we love The Formula Mom) and talk to your child’s pediatrician or an infant feeding specialist for personalized support based on your family’s needs.

Toddler with hand on Kabrita goat milk formula can

Carley’s story with Kabrita’s Goat Milk formula

Carley here! I wanted to share my story with Kabrita and how I decided to use it with my first son. As a formula baby myself, I was always comfortable with the idea of using formula but wasn’t sure if I’d need it.

I didn’t do any research upfront around formula options just in case breastfeeding didn’t work out or my baby weaned earlier than I “planned.” In hindsight, that was a massive oversight on my part. I wasn’t prepared.

Honestly, I had so much to learn about feeding a baby and – like many lessons in motherhood – felt myself blindly grasping for straws, especially when it came to how to feed my child outside of nursing and pumping.

While fabulous in many ways, the amount of information and resources available can quickly feel overwhelming and paralyzing for some. That’s when I began to wish I had done some more research beforehand around the different types of formulas on the market.

Making the choice to wean

Learning how to breastfeed after a c-section was very hard for me and not something I anticipated being so tricky.

Once my son and I figured it out, I established a pattern of nursing or pumping every three hours – as instructed – and adjusted his schedule over time based on my son’s changing needs.

Adjustments were made based on my needs, too.

Around eight months, I realized how much I missed having my body belong to just me. Plus, my son was eating solids (more on solids and baby-feeding here) and wasn’t dependent on nursing. He was quickly losing interest.

After much mental back and forth, I finally decided that it was time to close the chapter. While ending our nursing journey was an emotional and bittersweet decision, it ultimately benefited everyone involved, and I recognize that now more than ever before.

Toddler drinking Kabrita goat milk formula bottle

Finding the “best” formula for my toddler son

As I mentioned above, I wish I had done more formula research upfront before settling on an expensive and – technically illegal in the US – goat’s milk formula from Europe.

Editor’s note: You can read this research article about why importing EU formula into the US is illegal.

While my son thrived off this EU formula for a few months, I can’t tell you how many heated discussions my husband and I had because we didn’t have enough formula at home as orders were constantly delayed, lost in the mail, or never placed.

Then, one of us had to run out to the store and blindly pick a formula and cross our fingers our son took to it until our shipment arrived. It was stressful, exhausting, and honestly, way too consuming of our mental load.

Then, one fateful day, I discovered Kabrita while shopping for groceries at Whole Foods and was instantly drawn to the gentle goat’s milk formulation and the fact that it has a US branch, but the parent company is in Europe.

Kabrita felt like the best of both worlds to me. A formula made in the Netherlands with European standards in mind but it was also easily accessible at my local grocery store and online.

I learned that Kabrita is an excellent choice for weaning toddlers (like my son) and contains functional, nutrient-dense ingredients that are gentle on a tiny tummy.

Other benefits of Kabrita goat’s milk formula include:

  • No GMO ingredients
  • Prebiotics to support a healthy gut flora
  • No added refined sugars
  • Easier to digest goat protein

Kabrita goat milk formula review

Overall, Kabrita is a hit with my son (who will be two in December). He continues to receive six oz. of formula per day as part of his bedtime routine, and sometimes more if he requests it at breakfast or lunch.

Both the taste and smell are very mild and not too overpowering. I know because I’ve tried it to see what his hype is all about.

Pros of using Kabrita

Throughout the past year of using Kabrita and through personal research, I’ve learned a lot about the pros of using this goat milk formula. Check some out below.

  • Easy to order (available on Amazon,, and other major retailers)
  • Extremely gentle to digest
  • Very easy to mix
  • No GMO ingredients
  • Dairy comes from happy, farm-raised goats in the Netherlands
  • Added DHA and prebiotics
  • Fortified with 22 vitamins and minerals
  • Shelf-stable in powdered form

Is goat milk better?

The word “better” is very subjective, but let’s take a closer look at goat’s milk and some of the benefits over other traditional cow milk. We will also look at goat milk formula (like Kabrita) vs. regular goat milk.

Goat milk vs. cow’s milk

Goat milk can be an excellent alternative for little tummies with lactose sensitivity as it contains less lactose – about 12% per cup, to be exact. Meaning it could be more gentle and easier to digest.

It’s important to reiterate that goat milk still contains lactose, so depending on the severity of your child’s sensitivity, they may still have trouble digesting goat milk.

See Also

Also, according to, “It is naturally homogenized, meaning the cream remains within the milk, and it hasn’t been processed to achieve this.

Goat’s milk also has 20% smaller fat globules than cow’s milk and lower levels of lactose. This makes it easier to digest and an excellent alternative to those unable to tolerate cow’s milk.

It contains 30-35% medium-chain fatty acids, while cow milk has only 15-20%. These fatty acids are a quick source of energy and are not stored as body fat.”

Goat milk vs. goat milk formula

Traditionally, goat (and cow’s milk) are not an abundant source of Vitamin D, so a well-rounded diet, supplementation, or adequate sun exposure is required. That’s not always so easy to achieve with a wiggly baby or an independent toddler.

Kabrita’s goat milk formula contains 45IU of the daily recommended value of Vitamin D per serving (there are four scoops in a serving, and the ratio is one scoop per one ounce of water). Check out the full nutrition label here.

Also, Kabrita’s goat milk formula is shelf-stable and can easily be transported while traveling by boat, car, train, or plane. No refrigeration is required while the formula is in its powdered state.

Final thoughts on Kabrita

To round out my Kabrita formula review, here are my final thoughts and parting words.

Ultimately, Kabrita is hands-down our preferred formula for our toddler. It’s rich in nutrients, contains high-quality, non-GMO ingredients according to EU standards, and is readily available here in the US.

Plus, the mild taste and gentle digestive properties – thanks to goat milk and prebiotics – make it a no-brainer for my family.

With baby number two quickly approaching, I feel so much more confident knowing that I have a toddler formula I can turn to when it’s time to wean. Plus, fingers crossed for infant formula from Kabrita shortly.

How to get your Kabrita free sample ($50 value!)

If you’re curious to try Kabrita goat milk formula but don’t want to commit to the entire canister, you can order a free sample box.

Just pay for shipping (it’s $4.99) and receive 15 oz. of powdered formula sample, goat cheese snack puffs, and exclusive coupons.

Don’t worry; there’s no catch or recurring subscription. It’s just a free way to try out Kabrita for yourself and see if goat milk formula is the best choice for your family.

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