Ask an OB-GYN: How to Self-Advocate in Your Doctor’s Office

While it’s not always easy, speaking up and advocating for yourself is a powerful tool to help you get the care you deserve.

With pregnancy and birth, new mothers are faced with endless streams of new information and decisions to make. Sometimes, what your doctor tells you isn’t necessarily what you’re comfortable with or something you understand fully.

It’s critical to know that you have a voice in your doctor’s office, and advocating and speaking up for yourself is okay. While you might not always be comfortable asking the hard questions or requesting clarification, your mental and physical health is worth it.


Listen to the video interview with OB-Gyn Dr. King on advocating for yourself in an empowered way.

Helpful timestamps:

The journey to OB-GYN | 00:26

Conversations with moms | 7:12

Self-advocating as a first-time mom | 12:06

Patriarchal medicine is changing | 19:23

You can say “No” | 23:26

Trusting your doctor | 32:22

Questions for postpartum | 36:15

Realizing you’re not alone | 44:48

Being specific with what you need | 48:28

Dr. Kiarra King


Dr. Kiarra King is a board-certified obstetrician-gynecologist that always “delivers” with a dose of style. In addition to being a skilled physician and surgeon, Dr. King has a lifelong passion for fashion, beauty, and healthy living. On the job, she seeks to make women whole and empower them to live their best lives.

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