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How to Actually Set Better Boundaries After Birth

mom on the couch with husband carrying baby

In an honest (and hilarious) conversation, Carley and Alissa examine why it can feel so tough to set boundaries, how to do it effectively, and why they’re so important for our health. There’s also a lot of honest talk around motherhood and the desire to people-please.

008 | Alissa Alter, Author and Speaker

It can be hard to ask for help.

As a new parent, knowing what you need can be challenging to figure out. As much as it is hard to ask for the help we need from our loved ones, it is also hard to know when to say enough is enough.

Setting boundaries are so important in more ways than one.

Women’s health expert and Motherhood advocate Alissa Alter helps set the tone in how new mothers everywhere can find their voice in setting boundaries and keeping them.

Alissa uses her own life experiences to grab the boundary bull by the horns, giving us her best tips and advice on the importance of setting limits with your family members and supporters when it comes to your first steps into motherhood.

This episode was so fun, and I hope Alissa’s witty banter will help you create those boundaries – and stick to them – that much more inspiring.

Meet Alissa Alter

Alissa Alter is a Women’s Health Expert & Motherhood Advocate and the author of Unstuck: From Understudy To The Study Of Your Undercarriage.

She uses movement, mindfulness, and good ol’ fashioned education to help mamas and mamas-to-be stop suffering in silence so that pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum can be healing and empowering stages of life.

She received her Pilates certification through Romana’s Pilates at True Pilates New York and founded Pilates For Your Privates in 2017. She also holds certifications in ELDOA, workshops with The Hospital For Special Surgeries, Physical Therapists, OBGYNs, Pediatricians, Yoga, Reiki, and ballet.

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Alissa has taught workshops in NYC, New Jersey, and internationally and remains committed to being a lifelong student of the human experience.

She graduated from Skidmore College with a dual degree in Spanish Language & Literature and Dance Performance & Choreography and has been touring the United States with musicals since she was three years old.

Topics Covered

2:05 | Importance of boundaries
5:47 | Navigating your family of origin
19:20 | Did you masturbate today?
21:00 | Baby steps
29:17 | Burn out
36:21 | Weighing your options
39:38 | Postpartum experience

Extra resources

On her website, you can learn more, explore resources, and connect with Alissa Alter. Visit now.

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