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The Best Newborn “No Visitors” Signs After Birth (And Why They’re Great)

Signs are a no-brainer if you have a newborn and want an easy way to communicate your preferences with visitors. Here are our round-up and top picks, as shared by a postpartum doula.

Let me paint a picture for you of one of my first visitors when I came home with my oldest: I was a few days postpartum, struggling to figure out how to feed and care for this little person and myself. I was covered in milk and spit up, and who knows what else. I was a hot mess. 

mom nursing her newborn baby in bed

Some family members (who will remain nameless) came by to “help.” They had come over for over an hour. I chose to go into my bedroom because I wasn’t quite ready to nurse with a cover or in front of these people.  

When I returned, I was hungry and started to heat some food for myself and my husband. One of the visitors followed me into the kitchen and asked if I wouldn’t mind heating them some food, too. I was speechless. 

And as a doula, I see my clients experience similar difficulties setting boundaries with family after birth. They don’t know how to turn people away, whether for safety or mental health, and they don’t know how to have rules for those who visit. Signs can help.

Image courtesy of ThisNurturedHomeCo on Etsy

Signs to turn away visitors (aka “no visitors” signs)

No knocking sign

This sign is one of the originals when no visitor signs first became popular; it’ll tell visitors not to knock or ring a doorbell. It’s not fancy, but it gets the job done. I love that it’s simple and has different options for wording. 

Engraved “Sleeping Baby” sign

This is a much fancier sign for those who want the sign to be permanent and more aesthetically pleasing. It doesn’t give the same level of direction, but it still sends the message that you might not be answering the door. 

No visitors sign

This printable can be laminated and hung on the door. It is the most explicit and says no visitors if you want to be more direct. It also has different colors!

No visitors not vaxed sign

So many of my clients have had to have uncomfortable conversations turning away visitors because of vaccination status.

As a doula and newborn care specialist, I recommend visitors who aren’t updated on vaccinations, especially flu and TDAPP, stay away from a newborn. This template is excellent because it’s editable on Canva and can be used on social media or sent as a text to family and friends.

Please dont touch newborn sign
Image courtesy of LiliacAndLucyStudio on Etsy

Signs to set boundaries for visitors

Ask for help sign

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To avoid my visitor nightmare, you can use a sign like this. It tells visitors to wash their hands and not kiss babies. And it asks visitors to help and explains how they can help. Many new parents don’t know how to ask for support, so this sign makes it more accessible. 

No kissing’ sign

This adorable sign is excellent for events when you bring the baby but don’t know how to keep them safe. These signs are great to place on a carrier or car seat to warn people about kissing and remind them to wash their hands.

‘No touching’ sign

Most parents have been out with their newborns when a stranger tries to touch them. When I had my preemie twins, this was very dangerous (not to mention rude.) I used one of these signs on their car seats and carriers to keep people away. I love the sweet shapes.

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Final thoughts on using a newborn “no visitors” sign (or something similar)

Hopefully, you will find the perfect sign that works for you and your family. Remember that you can turn away visitors if that’s best for your mental health, and you can ask those who visit for the support you need.

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