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Round-Up of the Best Going Home Outfits for Mom

When packing your hospital bag, make sure to include a going-home outfit for yourself, too. Here are our tips and suggestions for choosing the best one.

As you excitedly wait for the day for your little one to arrive, it’s essential to get prepared and plan out everything you need to bring with you to the hospital.

It’ll be such an exciting moment when you can finally head home, and you deserve to look and feel fantastic when you do so.

We’ve put together this guide on the best going-home outfits for moms with plenty of suggestions to cover all the bases and help you feel your best. We understand that comfort, style, and practicality are all crucial factors in your decision.

From cozy loungewear to practical-yet-chic dresses, we’ll explore various options that will make you feel comfortable and ready to embrace your new role as a mom. 

What makes a good going-home outfit for a mom?

  • Comfort is key
  • Soft, breathable fabric
  • Loose-fitting designs
  • Breastfeeding accessible (if needed)
  • Stretchy, high-rise waistbands
  • Consider how “stylish” you want to feel
  • Opt for functional pieces
  • Consider the season

When picking out your going-home from the hospital outfit, it’s all about finding that perfect balance between comfort, style, and functionality. You deserve to feel your absolute best as you embark on this wild journey into motherhood, so choosing an outfit that makes you feel that way is essential.

First and foremost, comfort is vital – opting for soft, breathable fabrics that won’t irritate your skin is a good idea. Loose-fitting options that provide ample room for your changing body and allow for easy breastfeeding are ideal. Pieces with stretchy and higher waistbands for added flexibility and comfort are great, too.

Another factor to consider is style – it’s valid if you want to feel as confident in your going-home outfit as possible! Look for clothes that reflect your style and make you feel your best.

It could be a flowy maxi dress, a comfortable loungewear set, or a pair of perfect leggings and a buttery-soft shirt.

As a new mom, you’ll also want your outfit choice to be functional. Pieces that are easy to slip on and off, especially if you have a C-section delivery, are ideal. Nursing-friendly options that open quickly will help make breastfeeding so much more convenient.

Of course, you also want to consider the weather and select clothes that will keep you warm or cool, depending on the season.

The best going-home outfit for mom is one that is comfortable, functional, and makes you feel confident. Choose something that celebrates your style, supports your postpartum body, and accommodates your needs.

Finally, going home from the hospital with your baby is a special moment, and you deserve to wear what you feel best in as you begin this beautiful chapter in your life.

Our top 10 going-home outfits and must-haves for mom

1. A nursing bra

A good quality nursing bra is one of the essential pieces of clothing you’ll want to have for going home from the hospital outfit. Nursing bras are designed with easy-access clasps and extra support, allowing convenient breastfeeding and excellent comfort.

A nursing bra that’s highly rated among moms is the Bodily Everything Bra, which offers total support throughout pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond. 

2. Oversized tee paired with leggings or biker shorts

An oversized tee paired with either leggings or biker shorts can be a tremendous going-home-from-the-hospital outfit for moms. Oversized tee shirts provide comfort and ease of movement while also being stylish. Leggings or biker shorts offer a flexible fit that has some excellent compression at the same time.

This combination allows for a relaxed yet put-together look, allowing moms to focus on their recovery and enjoy their first moments at home with their little ones. We love the oversized tee from PinkBlush Maternity which is currently available in four colors, paired with Belly Bandit’s Mother Tucker Biker Shorts or leggings.

3. Maternity lounge set

Comfort understandably becomes a top priority for new moms after they give birth. A lounge set is great because it features soft and stretchy fabrics, offering a relaxed and cozy fit.

Since lounge sets are typically looser, they also make it super easy to breastfeed your baby. The perfect lounge set is versatile enough to be worn throughout pregnancy and postpartum, like the Kyte Maternity Jogger Lounge Set.

Kyte is known for its simple-yet-stylish pieces, so their jogger maternity lounge set might be what you’re looking for.

4. Tulip hem maternity top and leggings 

A tulip hem maternity top paired with your favorite postpartum leggings is a perfect going-home-from-the-hospital outfit. The stylish design of these tops adds a touch of femininity while being convenient for breastfeeding and accommodating the postpartum body.

Kindred Bravely’s Nursing & Maternity Tulip Hem Top checks all the boxes, and you can pair it with their great high-waisted postpartum leggings.

5. Wide-leg lounge pants and nursing tank top

Wide-legged postpartum lounge pants and a super soft, loose-fitting t-shirt create the most comfortable going-home outfit for moms. The wide-leg design and stretchy waistband are gentle on postpartum bodies, while the oversized t-shirt is breathable and makes for easy breastfeeding.

This combination is an excellent option for any c-section mama, too. The Maternity Rollover-Waist Powerchill Wide-Leg Pants from Gap paired with any loose-fitting shirt (like number two mentioned above!) made of cotton or bamboo could likely be your new go-to outfit. 

6. Nursing hoodie and postpartum leggings

If the weather is going to be colder when you’re going home from the hospital, a nursing hoodie paired with postpartum leggings is guaranteed to be practical while keeping you warm.

The Ginkana Nursing Hoodie is a fantastic choice in dozens of colors and patterns, and you can wear this with any postpartum leggings, which will ensure you’re supported in all the right places. 

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7. Maternity and nursing dress

Sometimes pants or shorts, even the softest ones, are not what we want to wear immediately after giving birth.

A maternity and nursing dress makes for a perfect going-home outfit if this is the case. It offers comfort, style, and easy breastfeeding access and is often the preferred outfit choice for moms with a c-section. The Smallshow Short Sleeve Nursing Dress is stylish, affordable, and highly functional.

8. Maternity joggers and nursing tank top

Cozy maternity joggers and a nursing tank top make it a simple but ideal going-home outfit for moms. The joggers allow easy movement while being so soft, while the nursing tank top makes it easy to breastfeed while helping you stay cool.

The Kindred Bravely Everyday Lounge Joggers are highly rated, and the Ekouaer Nursing Tank Top comes in many different colors and patterns. This combination can help moms feel relaxed and confident as they transition back home. 

9. Sleeveless nursing dress

If you’re having a summer baby or worried you’ll be too hot to wear joggers or leggings, a sleeveless nursing dress might be the best choice for your going-home outfit.

A sleeveless design keeps you cool and comfortable while offering easy breastfeeding access. The HATCH Collection’s Softest Rib Nursing Tank Dress is stylish, buttery soft, and incredibly versatile.

10. Comfortable slip-on shoes

Slip-on shoes are essential for a going-home outfit and will help pull your final look together! This type of shoe provides convenience and ease when dealing with postpartum discomfort.

Slip-on shoes eliminate the need for bending-to-tie shoelaces, and many moms find that their feet are too uncomfortably swollen for “regular” shoes at this time, too.

The Lululemon Restfeel Slides are unbelievably comfortable and supportive, and they come in an abundance of colors, so you can pick out the pair that goes perfectly with the rest of your going-home outfit. 

Stay stylish and comfortable with the perfect going-home outfit

Whether you opt for a snuggly loungewear set or a stylish and flowy dress, the most important thing is feeling confident and comfortable in your outfit choice.

Going home outfits for mom should be about embracing your style and choosing clothes that reflect your taste while prioritizing comfort and practicality to help ensure that this is a day that’s never forgotten.

Appreciate this time to the fullest (sometimes that feels really hard to do!) and relish the love and joy of bringing your baby home as you can. We wish you a safe journey back home and a beautiful experience in your new role as a mother.

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