Listen In: The Best Postpartum Recovery Foods to Eat After Birth

Recovering from birth is intense, and the food we eat as new mothers is often overlooked or undervalued. This episode dives deep into the best postpartum foods you can eat to recover, heal, and nourish yourself.

024 | Madison Holden, Certified Baby Nutrition Consultant

Taking care of yourself postpartum is not an easy task. When it comes to your nutrition, eating nutrient-rich foods that support your immune system and mental and digestive health can be critical to your postpartum recovery.

But where do you start?

Madison Holden, RN and nutrition expert, is here to fill us in on some postpartum nutrition secrets that are easy to digest. It’s not about how we look on the outside but what is filling our cups for ourselves and our families on the inside.

This podcast is all about empowering new and seasoned moms in making their nutritional health a priority and letting them know it’s not impossible.

About Madison:

Madison has been married to her husband for almost four years, and they have a little girl born in July 2019. Harper is the center of their world.

As a family, they love to spend time playing outside, traveling, and eating yummy and nutritious foods.

She loves to read, bake, and try new recipes. She loves to stay active, and most days, you can find her on the Peloton. She is very passionate about helping others, especially when it comes to postpartum nutrition and baby nutrition.

Topics covered

2:07 | Nourishing your postpartum body
4:57 | Postpartum experience
8:08 | Top 3 foods for postpartum recovery
13:45 | Go-to easy meal ideas
19:37 | The stigma around postpartum
28:09 | Final question for Madison

Additional resources

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Madison Holden

Registered Pediatric Nurse

Madison is a registered pediatric nurse with a master's in nursing education. She is also a postpartum and baby nutrition consultant from Oh Baby Academy. As a mom, a nurse, and a nutrition consultant, Madison aims to empower and provide knowledge to new moms to help nourish and replenish themselves after labor. She also provides confidence to new parents as they start their baby on solid food.

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