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A Partner’s Guide: How to Support Your Pregnant Wife

Couple with pregnant wife sitting on a grey couch

If you’re curious about how to support your pregnant wife or partner, keep reading. This post outlines seven helpful tips to do just that.

Your partner is pregnant— congratulations to you both on this new chapter in your life. Although you may not be carrying the baby, there are plenty of ways to be still involved— the most important of which is to support them wholeheartedly throughout their pregnancy.

Couple with pregnant wife sitting on a grey couch

There are many types of support, including emotional, physical, spiritual, and medical. In this article, we’ll cover how you can support your pregnant wife so she will feels as comfortable and cared for as possible.

How to support your wife during pregnancy

1. Emotional support

Pregnancy is exciting, but it can be equally anxiety-inducing and emotional. Be there for your wife and support her through all the ups and downs. Make her feel loved, cared for, and heard.

Listen to her when she expresses her worries or thoughts, and make her feel reassured. Remind her she always has a shoulder to cry on and never judge her for her emotions. Tell her how beautiful she is, and give her lots of affection, whether in the form of compliments or kisses.

2. Physical support

Carrying and growing a baby inside you for nine months is no easy task. In the first trimester, your wife may be dealing with morning sickness. In the third trimester, sleepless nights and pain become a regular occurrence.

Support your wife by taking on more chores and tasks around the house, such as cooking and cleaning. You can also look for ways to make her body more comfortable, such as buying her a pregnancy pillow or giving her a massage.

Man supporting pregnant wife by rubbing her feet

3. Spiritual support

Pregnancy could be a time to strengthen her beliefs if your wife is spiritual or religious. You don’t necessarily need to believe them, but understand that these beliefs provide her with comfort, faith, and a sense of protection.

Ask her questions about how her beliefs tie into pregnancy and childhood, do some readings and discuss them with her, and listen to her experiences.   

4. Medical support

Get ready for lots of doctor appointments. Whether going to her ultrasound appointments or meeting with the midwife, try to accompany your wife as much as possible.

These appointments can be extremely stressful, especially in the beginning. If, for some reason, you can’t be there, make sure to video call or check in before, during, and after the appointment. Write down any information the nurses and doctors tell you and your wife.

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5. Stress reduction is important

Do as much as you can to take the pressure off, such as handling some things on her to-do list or encouraging her to take a night off with her favorite movie. Draw her a bath, make her favorite meals, and remind her to take some time for herself.

pregnant woman with hands on her belly

6. Plan a date night

Your pregnant wife is still your wife— don’t forget about all the romantic things you love to do. Plan a date every once in a while, such as an at-home movie night or dinner at her favorite restaurant.

Be sure to run the plans by her, as she might feel too tired or sick from her nausea. Now may not be the best time for surprise dates. If this is your first baby, then this is the last few months of just the two of you— enjoy it.

7. Remember the past

Pregnancy is one of the most intense and beautiful times in a couple’s life. Use this time to get sentimental and get closer to your wife. Share some past stories, such as first dates or when you met. You can even pull out a photo album or two. Reminisce on some old memories while getting ready to make new ones.

man and pregnant woman looking at laptop while laying in bed

Final thoughts on supporting your pregnant partner

Your role in this pregnancy makes all the difference, so get ready to be your wife’s number-one cheerleader and support system. Try to make her pregnancy as comfortable and enjoyable as possible— this is your biggest job. Best of luck to you both on this beautiful journey.

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