9 Encouraging Postpartum Affirmation Card Decks for New Moms

Affirmations can be a powerful tool when you need a boost of confidence, calm, or encouragement, especially in early motherhood. We’re rounding up the best postpartum affirmation cards for new moms.

No matter your reasons for wanting to use affirmations throughout your day, know that there are plenty of card decks tailored to postpartum life after birth. Keep reading to learn about which affirmation decks we love.

  1. New Mama Affirmation Deck
  2. Lunaa Mama New Mama Affirmation Cards
  3. Mama Natural Affirmation Deck
  4. Feeding with Love Breastfeeding Affirmation Deck
  5. Postpartum Depression and Anxiety Affirmation Deck
  6. Positive Mama Postpartum Affirmation Deck
  7. LSW Mind Cards: New Mum Edition
  8. Motherhood Affirmations
  9. Renegade Mama Postpartum Support Deck

What is an affirmation, anyway?

According to Mindtools.com, “Affirmations are positive statements that can help you to challenge…negative thoughts. When you repeat them often and believe in them, you can start to make positive changes.”

Well, you can see why affirmation cards could be beneficial during the postpartum period and early motherhood, right?

Our picks: top postpartum affirmation cards

1. New Mama Affirmation Deck

This New Mama affirmation deck includes 40 cards featuring uplifting and encouraging messages for new moms. We love this deck because of the gorgeous designs and the fact that they’re water and rip-resistant.

affirmation cards for postpartum moms

2. Lunaa Mama New Mama Affirmation Deck

These beautifully-designed cards were created with “the intention to support, guide, and honor you as you begin your journey of motherhood.” They’re made from luxe, high-quality paper, and your purchase includes access to journaling prompts and a free motherhood guidebook.

new mom holding affirmation cards in her hands

3. Mama Natural Postpartum Affirmation Deck

Inside the Mama Natural affirmation deck, you’ll find colorfully-printed cards with a positive affirmation on one side and a thoughtful and encouraging explanation on the other.

Use them to challenge your mindset to become more positive, even when utterly exhausted.

new mom affirmation card deck

4. Feeding with Love Breastfeeding and Postpartum Affirmation Deck

Designed for those breastfeeding their baby, the Feeding with Love postpartum affirmation deck is designed to help encourage new parents. Whether you are pumping, nursing, or supplementing, you deserve and require encouragement on the breastfeeding journey.

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affirmation cards for breastfeeding parents

5. Postpartum Depression and Anxiety Affirmation Deck

Specifically for those new parents experiencing postpartum mental health issues, the Postpartum Depression and Anxiety affirmation deck is a print-at-home digital download featuring 34 encouraging affirmation cards.

affirmation cards for postpartum depression

6. Positive Mama Postpartum Affirmation Deck

As the name says, the Positive Mama deck features 24 positive and encouraging affirmations for postpartum and motherhood. It also comes with a small metal stand to keep the message in a particular spot to remember it frequently.

new mom affirmations

7. LSW Mind Cards: New Mum Edition

An Etsy Editor Pick, the New Mum Affirmation Cards by LSW Mind Cards contains 45 different affirmations split across five categories: ritual, gratitude, journal, affirmation, and self-care.

This affirmation deck takes positive messages to the next level with actionable tips, tools, and exercises.

postpartum affirmation card deck

8. Motherhood Affirmations

In this affirmation deck, you’ll find 20 beautifully designed and intentional messages for new (and expecting) mothers. The messages and affirmations in the Motherhood Affirmations deck are real and relatable, validating a new mother’s experience postpartum.

affirmations for new postpartum mom

9. Renegade Mama Postpartum Support Deck

Created by mothers, the Renegade Mama Postpartum Support Deck is designed to support a new mother emotionally and physically as she navigates the first year after birth. You’ll find 52 unique and beautiful messages inside.

affirmations for breastfeeding moms

Final thoughts on postpartum affirmations

No matter your reason for seeking out postpartum affirmation cards, know that every motherhood experience is different and beautiful (and sometimes really, really hard) in its own way.

We hope you find what you’re looking for and connect with the affirmations that resonate with you and support you most.

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