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Common Postpartum Depletion Symptoms and How to Nourish Yourself

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Postpartum hunger is real, and it’s trying to tell you something. Listen in as Kim Perez, a functional nutritionist, shares what it means to deeply nourish and care for yourself after birth. It’s not what you may think.

017 | Kim Perez of Root and Branch Nutrition

Nutrition and postpartum can be difficult hurdles to climb. So many mothers struggle with balancing their own health while trying to recover and take care of a new baby.

It can feel impossible.

In this episode, I talk with nutritionist Kim Perez about identifying postpartum depletion symptoms during the time after birth. Kim specializes in working with women during their motherhood journey, from conception to postpartum.

She highlights some significant factors surrounding postpartum nutrition and some simple tips on how you can help support your health without fancy diets and expensive meal prep.

About Kim Perez

For years, I tried to do everything to such unattainable standards that I lived in a constant state of exhaustion. Little rest, restrictive nutrition, and intense exercise routines led to hormonal imbalances and fatigue—a lifestyle that just wasn’t sustainable.

Even when I did everything “right,” I still struggled to feel good. I needed to replenish and rebalance my body, and planning for pregnancy was the reality check to heal.

Even armed with knowledge and awareness of what my body needs to thrive, some days, I struggle. I don’t have the perfect diet. I like wine. I eat chocolate.

I deal with stress (sometimes not well). It’s a big-picture kind of journey that doesn’t end with one tough day, but it’s hard to do this alone.

Through all of my experiences, the good and the bad and the downright tough postpartum seasons, I realized that so many women—especially moms—wrongfully believe they can’t feel amazing again.

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Topics Covered

1:48 | Signs of postpartum depletion
3:14 | Nourishment
9:32 | Quieting the nutrition noise
13:45 | Breastfeeding weight myths
16:51 | Go-to food groups
22:38 | Blood sugar
27:49 | Coffee and fat
31:34 | Pick your battles
36:55 | Magnesium power
43:08 | Keep asking
44:39 | Final question

Additional Resources

You can connect with Kim at for more information and additional resources.

Use code “HELLOPP” gets 10% off any of Kim’s educational resources, such as:

Learn about her 1:1 services or her 12-week program, Nourished Roots.

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