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How to Fix Diastasis Recti and the Only Workout Program to Heal It

woman with abdominal separation

Many postpartum women are left feeling disconnected from their bodies, especially those facing abdominal separation after birth. Learn more about the only clinically proven workout program to fix diastasis recti.

The postpartum body is beautiful and resilient, yet it can also feel confusing and strange, with changes that leave many moms in the fourth trimester and beyond wondering how to fix their diastasis recti and, “Is this normal?” and “Will this ever go away?” 

woman with abdominal separation

While each mother’s situation is different and their journeys unique, one common change is the separation of the ab muscles, a medical condition known as diastasis recti. Diastasis recti has real health implications in addition to the cosmetic complaint of a lingering postpartum “pooch.” 

But how to fix diastasis recti goes beyond traditional diets and workout programs—to truly heal diastasis recti without surgery, only Every Mother’s Reclaim program has been scientifically proven to heal diastasis recti in 100% of women participating in a clinical study. So let’s get down to the facts.

What is diastasis recti and do I have it?

Diastasis recti occurs in the majority of childbearing women, as throughout the course of pregnancy what we know as the “six-pack” muscles—or rectus abdominis—stretch sideways and damage the stomach’s midline connective tissue.

Diastasis recti contributes to a myriad of postpartum symptoms, including back pain, urinary stress incontinence, a protruding abdomen, core weakness, and pelvic floor dysfunction. The surprising part, however, is that most women don’t even realize they have it.

In fact, it’s believed that more than 60% of women suffer from diastasis recti.

How to self-check for diastasis recti

Thankfully, you can easily diagnose yourself at home. Go to Every Mother’s self-check for diastasis recti to determine if, and to what degree, you have diastasis recti.

And no matter your measurement, Every Mother has curated exercise paths and effective workouts for every stage of motherhood. You can read more on the targeted workouts below.

Can diastasis recti be fixed with exercise?

Many doctors still tell women that diastasis recti is only correctable via surgical means. With Every Mother’s workout program, however, you can fix and heal your diastasis recti without surgery. 

Diastasis recti repair begins with Every Mother’s research-backed, foundational movements called Core Compressions™. These subtle but targeted movements engage the deep core muscles to strengthen and restore the abdominal wall.

And what’s best of all is convenience. You start with five minutes a day in your first week, then increase to 10 minutes as the movements become more familiar and your core strengthens.

This proven method lessens intra-abdominal pressure and effectively reinforces contractile strength and elasticity of both the muscles and the connective tissue, without causing further damage, injury, or tearing of your core.

What exercises should be avoided with diastasis recti? 

It may come as a surprise to learn that some exercises are off-limits when working to close abdominal separation. Essentially, it is best to avoid movements that could accidentally encourage more separation to occur. 

These exercises include but are not limited to:

  • Crunches
  • Sit-ups
  • Bicycle legs
  • “The Hundred”
  • Double leg or knee raises

If completed too soon on your journey, these exercises could potentially cause more harm than good and hinder your progress of healing your diastasis recti. You can read more on which exercises to avoid with diastasis recti.

woman doing pilates on a mat

Why Every Mother is the best choice to fix Diastasis Recti

While Core Compressions are integral to healing diastasis recti, there are many other exercises within the workout program that range across all the different stages of motherhood and offer much more on top of the foundational breathing exercises.

Our progressive full-body workout plans are designed to improve core strength and function, as well as prevent plateauing with over 100 different workouts, including yoga, strength, and HIIT routines that will keep your body guessing and your muscle groups activated. 

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The workouts are designed for busy mothers and under 30 mins. Our easy to use mobile app allows you to take your workouts on the go and seamlessly switch between paths depending on the stage that’s right for you:

1. Prepare

Prepare is an OB-endorsed, trimester-specific fitness program that helps alleviate common physical discomforts of pregnancy, prepares you for a healthy birth, and simply allows you to feel your best during your pregnancy

2. Reclaim

Reclaim is the only scientifically proven fitness program that resolves diastasis recti, whether you’re newly postpartum or had your baby decades ago

3. Surpass

Achieve (or surpass) your fitness goals. Our robust programming ensures you maintain a core free of diastasis recti with a variety of workout options that can serve as your standalone program or supplement other fitness regimens 

Learn more now.

The benefits of choosing Every Mother 

We’re known for our proven track record in healing diastasis recti; our different paths were created with every mother in mind. This means workouts of varying degrees of intensity, difficulty, and time commitment, so women with children — both small and grown — have options in our vast fitness library. 

At Every Mother, we believe that motherhood extends far beyond three trimesters. Every Mother’s program ranges from preconception health and fertility to early postpartum and through menopause—whatever stage of motherhood, there is a path for you at Every Mother. 

Our scientifically proven program that saw 100% of women achieve resolution of diastasis recti without surgery is only the beginning of the benefits of working out with Every Mother. 

If you’d like more information about Every Mother’s fitness program, all things diastasis recti, and the most relevant prenatal and postpartum news, stay in touch with us here.

Visit Every Mother now.

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