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Experiencing a Relationship Breakdown After Baby? Listen In

man and woman sitting on the couch looking frustrated during a fight

Having a baby changes everything, especially your relationship with your partner. Here’s how to save your relationship – and your sanity – once a little one is involved.

Plus, Chelsea breaks down her top tips for clear, effective communication that can change everything.

035 | Chelsea Skaggs of Postpartum Together

Chelsea of Postpartum Together is featured in Her View From Home, Motherly, Today’s Parent, Scary Mommy, Psychology Today, podcasts, radio shows, and an upcoming documentary.

She partners with workplaces, publications, events, and workshops to educate and discuss how to empower mothers.

man and woman sitting on the couch looking frustrated during a fight

What percentage of couples split up after having a baby?

According to one source, 67% to 90% (!!!) of couples report a decline in relationship satisfaction after their baby is born. Even more shocking? Some studies show that at least one in five couples call it quits within the first 12 months of bringing home a new baby.

Three key dynamics shift in relationships once you bring a new baby into the world; connection, communication, and intention. How to navigate these changes and find a new way to strengthen the connection with your partner is something all couples face in parenthood.

Why do relationships break down after having a baby?

With a new baby comes new challenges. Both partners can bear the mental load of responsibilities, obligations, and intentions. One of the most common feelings for a mother is resentment toward their partner.

Resentment can cause many issues in a relationship if they are not addressed. This is why communication is key in navigating the misplaced emotions that can come with parenthood.

How do I get my relationship back after having a baby?

Needs have changed; everything has shifted. Instead of self-judgment, create opportunities to relearn how to do things together.

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postpartum doula supporting a new mom

Setting aside time for you and your partner to discuss the logistics of your day-to-day can be helpful. And don’t stop there, have a date night to reconnect and spend time focusing on your relationship.

“It’s incredible how tender and vulnerable our relationships are after having a baby.”

Helping them to know what it means to love you and giving them that same opportunity is crucial. Sometimes we let our emotions get to our head without examining the logic. Honor your growth and the changes you are going through together.

Topics Covered:

A road trip is like motherhood (2:00)
The massive BUT in your new parent relationship (3:43)
What are the signs of resentment towards your partner (9:35)
Recommit to growing together (15:10)
Ways to stay connected to your partner (16:44)
This isn’t gonna work; tips for early postpartum days (22:13)
How tender our relationships are after having a baby (26:01)
Words of encouragement for those in the trenches (27:44)
Final Question (34:05)

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